App Ideas From Clients Go Through the Davison Inventing Method & Onto the App Store

Coach's Whiteboard Davison App

In case you missed it, Davison recently evolved our development services by bringing the design and creation of app ideas to an exciting new level.

Now, idea people are being encouraged to not only safely submit their tangible invention ideas, but their new mobile app ideas as well!

In a previous blog, we featured two of the apps that we helped develop -The Daily German Verb app and the Coach’s Whiteboard app.

Today, we’re sharing the idea person behind the Coach’s Whiteboard app – Eddie Porter, and his reaction to seeing how his idea transformed into a functioning mobile app in the palm of his hands!

If you’re ready to take the next step toward making your app idea a reality, submit your idea today!

George Davison and Eddie Porter - Davison App


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The Daily German Verb App was developed by Davison for its own benefit.  The inventor of the Coach’s Whiteboard app has not received a net profit through the development of his app. Davison charges fees for services.