“Can Pump & Pour” Invention Now Sold on Organize-Everything.com and in Giant Eagle


Davison, Inc. is proud to announce that another invention it has designed, developed, and licensed for an independent inventor is now being sold on the market.

Pittsburgh, PA — February 6, 2006 – “Can Pump & Pour”, a new product invention conceived by an independent inventor and professionally designed, developed, and licensed to a major manufacturer by Davison, Inc., is now being sold on www.organize-everything.com and in Giant Eagle, a large regional grocery store chain with locations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, and West Virginia. “Can Pump and Pour” will also be coming to other retailers shortly.

People hate it when they go to take a sip of an open can of soda and it is totally flat, or when they cannot finish an entire can of soda, but do not want to waste it by throwing it out. Davison, Inc.’s client came to it with an invention idea he conceived for a handy little gadget that restores fizz in soda and beverage cans that have been open for too long. Davison, Inc. provided services to help prepare and present this inventor’s invention idea to potential corporations with the intent of licensing the product to be sold on the market.

Thanks to this invention, people never have to drink dull soda or waste it ever again. Now all they have to do is snap the “Can Pump & Pour” on top of their open soda, pump to pressurize the can, and flip it open to pour or drink their fresh soda. Not only is the “Can Pump & Pour” designed to fit standard beverage cans made in the United States, Davison, Inc. even designed it in various international size variations for Japan, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Other advancements and practicalities include a universal cap and sleek profile with lower bladder. The product is also extremely durable and completely sealable. The client has not realized a net profit on this product.

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