“Caillou Hopscotch Accessory Kit” Now Sold on the Market


Davison, Inc. is proud to announce that a new product it has designed and developed for a corporation is now being sold on the market.

Pittsburgh, PA — May 15, 2006 – “Caillou Hopscotch Accessory Kit”, a new product invention Davison, Inc. professionally designed and developed for one of its corporate clients, is now being sold by TysToyBox.com, and will also be available at other retailers shortly.

A Canada-based corporation that licenses toys, gifts, and housewares to fine retailers throughout Canada, The United States, Europe, and Australia charged Davison, Inc. with the task of creating a new product for children. The objective was to design and develop a toy or game that could be used by children to get them away from the television to play more in the outdoors. It had to be something that would be able to provide multiple games at a cost that was relatively low. It was also important to avoid creating an entirely new game that children may not know and would be easy to play alone or in a group. Davison, Inc. delivered with the “Caillou Hopscotch Accessory Kit.” It was designed for children 3 years and older, is easy to use, and eliminates the expense of plastic and tooling. The kit includes four chalk paintbrushes and two bean-throwing bags to play with once the grids are laid out. The back of the packaging also has great ideas for several unique hopscotch games. The product is a corporate product owned and licensed by Davison.

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