Blogger Gets Cre8tive with Davison’s Meatball Baker

A Davison-designed product that promises to make a healthier meatball is dripping with tons of recent press.  Featured last week on Lifetime TV’s “The Balancing Act,” the Meatball Baker also appears in Cre8tive Compass Magazine (C8C) online.

According to the site, C8C is “ALL about exploring, creating and most importantly LIVING the creative life” (something we are DEFINITELY all about, too).  C8C’s Rebecca E. Parsons, who is also a frequent blogger for “The Balancing Act,” tested the Meatball Baker by creating meatballs, skewered shrimp, shish-kabobs, sausages and bratwurst in the pan.

How did it work?  Her blog title, “I Love My Meatball Baker, Pinterest Contests and Giveaways,” says it all!

In the article, Parsons goes on to explain just what she loved so much about our client Jean’s meatball-baking machine.  Here are a few snippets:

“I was smitten when it arrived. My creative imagination went into overdrive…”

“No more misshapen, flat on one side meatballs for me. They come out round and perfect every time. See my meatballs and brats on the removable grid? Nifty for any size meatball and many other foods as well.”

“Your beautiful meatballs are healthier for you as all that extra fat drains right off. That is a biggie for anyone watching their weight or looking for healthy baking alternatives. This pan is a winner.”

“It is a pretty innovative kitchen product, which solves a lot of problems.”

In fact, Parsons loved the Meatball Baker so much that she decided to give her readers a chance to win one of their own as well!  Check out Parsons’ entire review for more details.

Don’t forget, Davison followers also have the chance to win the Meatball Baker through our Pinterest giveaway, which runs through October 22nd!  And, if you didn’t catch Mr. Davison, Jean and the Meatball Baker on Lifetime’s “The Balancing Act,” it airs one more time Thursday, October 25th at 7 a.m.  Tune in!

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