Big wins announced at quarterly meeting!

Davison New Product News

Davison’s quarterly company meeting was packed full of good news about the 43 new products and packaging with the Davison “D” that have gone to stores in the first quarter of 2010. “This is huge win,” said the Vice President of Licensing several times during the meeting.

ergo needle threader inventionHe revealed 15 – 20 new products that are or soon will be selling in a wide variety of stores, including the Luma Threader and Ergo Stiletto, two more sewing tools that we redesigned for the Fons & Porter product line. The manufacturer loved our redesign, including the lighted feature on the threader, and the products are selling very well, said the VP.

Davison Inventions Meeting A new client product, the Silicone Dessert Bar Pan, will air this summer on QVC, and it will ship in store packaging complete with the Davison “D,” as opposed to a plain brown package. We also received word that Kitchen Collections and Hobby Lobby have both placed orders for the innovative product.

The 10 car cleaning items we developed for the Helping Hands line are available for purchase and also have been presented to Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and “every big boy out there,” he said. The line also includes a product created by a client who hired us after he could not fully develop it on his own.

bird feeder inventionThe fabric birdhouse and birdfeeder we designed for Hugs Pet Products are now in Menards, a chain of 250 home improvement stores in the Midwest, and they also are selling at e-tailers.

New packaging we created for products that have hit the stores include several home décor items that have been picked up by Big Lots and Belle’s — both of which are new stores for Davison. There are also 5 additional Comfort Products cushions on the shelves (3 in AutoZone and 2 in Walmart).

“This year we’re going to see a huge increase in all the packaging we’re doing for them,” the VP said. We also will have packaging “all over board” for Metro, such as pet products, home décor, housewares, silverware and storage — and we just picked up another order, with many more items headed to Davison for packaging!

Davison Package Design“They’re happy with our work, the quick turnaround time and the quality packaging,” said the senior category director.

The best thing about creating new packaging for companies, other than the Davison “D,” is the fact we’ve created trademarked logos and a new look for the products, which provides royalties and an updated brand that communicates clearly to consumers.

“Congratulations to everyone involved with all the new products and packaging in the first quarter,” the VP told the company. “It’s a great accomplishment, and you’re going to continue to see more.”

The client’s whose products are mentioned in this post have not received a net profit.