Be Inspired: “Davison, Making Ideas”

“The things that make America great are the things we invent. The strength of this nation was formed by idea people and inventors who had the freedom to dream big and create new things.” So begins the new video, “Davison, Making Ideas,” which captures the timeless power of inventing and shows how that spirit is championed by the Davison Inventing Method. We are posting this video as a tribute and an inspiration to idea people everywhere.

“I believe we must believe in a better future, and you start that off by fueling the human spirit,” said George Davison, founder and CEO. “We have spent many years climbing the ladder in this business, and I’m very proud of our team putting together such an inspirational message in this new video. It pays respect to some of our greatest mentors of the past, and transitions us to believe in ourselves and a better future. It’s wonderful when you create something to inspire others. Great work team.”