Air Vest – Saving Lives for 40 Years

Air vest

The Air-Tech Air Vest is a revolutionary product that’s helping save the lives of many motorcycle riders. Being on a motorcycle offers little protection if you are in an accident. A majority of the time, it’s the motorcycle rider who leaves the scene in an ambulance, even if the accident isn’t their fault.

Surprisingly, this life-saving product has been around for quite some time. Invented back in 1977 by Hungarian inventor Tamas Straub, the Air Vest offers a safer solution in the case of an accident. Straub’s design hasn’t changed much over the past 40 years, a double layer jacket with a built-in air chamber that inflates upon impact thanks to a tether connects the vest to the motorcycle.

It was originally designed to protect motorcycle riders, skiers, and horseback riders in the case of a fall.

Fast-forward 40 years: today, one company is bringing innovation to this product. Alpine Stars, an American company specializing in personal protection equipment, has created a vest that knows when you are about to experience trauma, causing it to inflate.

Using three electronic sensors, the vest can monitor your location using GPS communications technology. Lithium-ion batteries allow the jacket to be constantly charged, ready to inflate at any time. Finally, special argon gas cartridges line the inside of the jacket, one main one and also a backup in case the primary cartridge fails to go off.

The Air Vest has saved countless lives since its invention back in 1977, and thanks to new advancements in technology it will continue to protect both avid and recreational motorcyclists alike.