3D Printing is Paving Way for New Efficiencies!

It’s safe to say the world of 3D printing has been quickly evolving. As technology advances; the impossible all of a sudden becomes possible.  However, who would have thought that these groundbreaking technological advancements could have brought us to the point where we are able to successfully 3D print a house?

Let’s backtrack; in 1986, the first patent for a 3D printer was issued. The first item ever to be 3D printed was a tiny cup that could have been used as an eye-wash. This cup took hours to print, reason being the technology at the time was new.

Fast forward thirty years to 2017. A company called Apis Cor recently set new industry records, as well as turned some heads, when they were able to successfully 3D print an entire house in just 24 hours.

Yes, this is very impressive but the sheer fact that they were able to complete this monumental task in just 24 hours is what has people talking. Their efficiency can now pave way for quicker recovery after natural disasters and help create affordable housing.

By using a special geopolymer concrete, yes concrete; not plastic, Apis Cor has figured out a way to print houses in both cold and warm conditions. Making it so that houses can now be constructed in the winter, totally out of concrete!

Sounds pretty pricey right? Actually, Apis Cor was able to construct the foundation, roof, inner and outer finishing, wall insulation, windows, floors and suspended ceiling, for a little over $10,000. All while proving to be 70% more efficient in construction than traditional methods of erecting houses.

This is just another perfect example of how 21st-century technology is paving the way for the future of how things are done. There is always a better way, even for the most monumental tasks.

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