Validating – 29 Ways to Stay Creative

think creativeWe all believe a lot of what we read. Whether it’s in a newspaper or online, there’s something appealing about the published word.

The following list of 29 ways to stay creative has been floating around the Internet. And, it is pretty good, but who validates the efficacy of the tips? We do, while adding some of our own ideas with the help of credible sources (They have to be credible, they’re on the Internet).


1.) Make lists: Based on the fact that VH1 still exists, America loves lists. Here’s why.

2.) Carry a notebook everywhere: Garry Keller, co-founder of Keller Williams agrees.

3.) Try free writing: Like your English 101 professor made you do.

4.) Get away from the computer: And your smartphone, and your tablet and text messaging.

5.) Quit beating yourself up

6.) Take breaks: They’re right, according to Science.

7.) Sing in the shower: We don’t know if this makes you more creative, but you sound like it.

8.) Drink coffee: Or just go to a coffee shop and drink water.

9.) Listen to new music: Listen to a genre of music you’ve never heard before.

10.) Be open: This tip seems pretty obvious.

11.) Surround yourself with creative people: It worked in Zurich in 1916.

12.) Get feedback

13.) Don’t give up

14.) Practice, practice, practice: For only 10,000 hours!

15.) Allow yourself to make mistakes

16.) Go somewhere new: OR just take a new route to work.

17.) Count your blessings

18.) Get lots of rest: Or step away from your workspace, and read four pages from a book that brings you delight.

19.) Take risks: Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City suggests a biological explanation for why certain people tend to live life on the edge — it involves the neurotransmitter dopamine, the brain’s feel-good chemical. –

20.) Break the rules: This tip seems as trite as “thinking outside of the box.” But for the sake of consistency.

21.) Don’t force it

22.) Read a page of the dictionary

23.) Create a framework: But first, find out what a framework is.

24.) Stop trying to be someone else’s perfect: This goes without saying. But Daniel Craig’s approval would be nice.

25.) Got an idea? Write it down: See number 2.

26.) Clean your workspace: Unless you are Al Gore.

27.) Have fun: We definitely have fun.

28.) Finish something: Finishing is tough. Here’s some help.

29.) Collaborate: See number 11.