Virtual Reality: Training the Next Generation of Workers

Virtual Reality

No matter how well you think you can train your employees for their job, nothing can compare to the real-world training of going out and doing the job.  It would be ideal if employers could just let their employees venture out into the field right away, with minimum risk of mistakes. Some have speculated that virtual reality programs could take the place of workplace experience and make for a safer, better training experience.

Google decided to put this theory to the test using virtual reality. Last July, Google began experimenting with two groups; one group was taught to make an expresso by watching YouTube videos; while the other group taught themselves, using virtual reality headsets. The conclusion of the experiment was that neither group made a great cup of espresso, however, the group that used the virtual reality headset did noticeably better than the group that watched YouTube videos.

So is virtual reality becoming the way of training in the future?

Well, it all depends on the industry. Construction companies in Japan have been using virtual reality to train their employees on safety standards thus eliminating the likelihood of injuries on the job and saving the companies money.

Employees are able to go up on virtual high rises to complete iron working tasks. They get to walk across beams for the first time, getting a feel for the heights the will experience on the job. This gives the employee a feel for what the job will actually be like and gets them more comfortable before they actually go out and put themselves in that dangerous situation.

There are many benefits to simulating the work environment for employees before they go out into the field. From preparing them for real-world situations to help improve safety, virtual reality is changing the way companies train their new hires.

The concept of virtual reality may have seemed far-fetched when it first came out a few years ago, but it is gaining acceptance as a possible tool in the workplace. It is proof that there is always a better way to do something. In this case, virtual reality is offering a better way to train employees.

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