Robots Doing the Work

Vacuuming, cleaning the windows and mowing the lawn; these are just a few of the household chores that most of us don’t enjoy. Luckily, companies are now inventing robots that will perform these mundane tasks to allow more time for the things that we do enjoy.

Roomba– From the moment the user presses the “clean” button, the Roomba takes over and calculates the room size.  While the Roomba is cleaning, the machine avoids steps and any other drop-off areas by using four-infrared sensors. These inventions, known as the cliff sensors, are located on its front-underside and are part of the iRobot’s AWARE™ Robotic Intelligence System. The AWARE system also is made up of multiple sensors that detect and collect environmental data that is sent to the robot’s microprocessor, which alters the invention’s actions accordingly.  So while you are watching TV or whatever else you may be doing, the robot will be collecting dirt, pet hair and other debris that is commonly found on your floors.

Winbot– We all know the song, “I Can See Clearly Now,” and it seems that this could be Winbot’s new theme song. From the moment the robot is removed from its box and attached to the window, the Winbot takes control. This 4.5 pound, square-shaped invention uses powerful suctions to hold itself vertical on the glass, allowing it to glide across the surface with ease. Additionally, the robot also can navigate its way around handles and the perimeter of the window on its own. This invention makes window washing easy and no longer a “pane” in the behind.


Robomow– From buying the gas, to pushing and pulling your lawn mower, mowing the lawn can prove to be a daunting task. The Robomow is currently the only robotic lawn mower on the market and touts that it mulches your lawn, leaving a professional-looking cut.  The question remains, how does the Robomow know how big or small the lawn is? All the user has to do is lay a wire around the outer edges of their lawn and attach it to pegs. This will allow the Robomow to recognize the wire and stay inside its boundaries.  Additionally, this invention has built-in sensors that detect rocks, trees and other obstacles.  All of these technologies, plus its Triple-Chamber-Mulching system and its 5800-rpm blade speed, will help cut your grass in no time.

Although these inventions don’t have a personality like Rosie, the maid from the Jetsons, they will help you avoid your dreaded household chores and still keep a clean house with a well-manicured yard!



Copyright Davison 2013