Robotic Technology is Quickly Advancing!

Boston Dynamics Robots

Not too long ago Honda released the first version of a robot that could walk on flat surfaces. To most, this was an engineering marvel that unlocked endless potential. Imagine the countless scenarios where a walking robot could be used to change the outcome of a situation; natural disasters, fires, bomb threats, the list can go on and on.

Now, imagine that robot being able to walk on uneven surfaces like a snow covered forest floor. Or, imagine if that robot could be pushed over and stand back up, just like a human does.

Well, thanks to Boston Dynamics, you no longer have to imagine! That’s right; the state of the art robotics company was able to achieve a technological breakthrough. See for yourself how this robot is able to function just like a human does when completing fairly challenging tasks in the world of robotics.

With technology like this soon to be on the market, imagine what it will do to manufacturing and the way certain jobs are completed!

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