Pet Invention Patent Drawings… Worthy of Picasso?

While it may not be your first step in the inventing process, there comes a time when gaining a patent is a very important step.  And, if you thought coming up with your idea took a lot of creativity, wait until you must draw your idea for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office patent application!

One article we found referred to the process as an “unsung art” and, after we did some digging through Google’s patent application vault, we agree!  Of course, the patent-granting powers-that-be enforce some hefty guidelines when it comes to your idea piece of art; but, you might argue that the standards only make the art more of a masterpiece!

Inspired by some of our own Davison-designed pet products, we decided to check out some of the other interesting and intricate pet product renderings out there.  Here’s a few that we found:

1.  Vibrating Cat Litter Scoop

Patent number: 6022058
Filing date: May 20, 1998
Issue date: Feb 8, 2000

Not sure if it was the drawing or the overall concept that most-intrigued us here!

2.  Dog House Enclosure

Patent number: D557865
Filing date: Jul 28, 2006
Issue date: Dec 18, 2007
Application number: 29/263,732

A dog house made for any four-legged pharaoh!

3.  Portable Refrigerator Kit for Perishable Pet Products

Patent number: 6595016
Filing date: Jun 6, 2002
Issue date: Jul 22, 2003
Application number: 10/163,989

This patent drawing is so cool… literally!

4.  Pet Food Product with Flavoring

Application number: 12/306,131
Publication number: US 2009/0274800 A1
Filing date: Jul 5, 2007

We’ve never seen such a well-drawn piece of manufactured meat!