Kid Tested, Perfect Pizza Pan Approved!

davison inventionsSome of the toughest critics have chosen to put a Davison-designed product to the test.  This time it was a reader from Ingredient, “a magazine for kids curious about food,” who did a slice-by-slice examination of The Original Perfect Pizza Pan.

You may recall, the Perfect Pizza Pan was invented by none other than our President… when he was a client!  And, the rest, is well… history!

So, how did the Perfect Pizza Pan, which allows you to customize every slice of pizza, “pan” out, when Bridget in Minnesota put it to the test?

davison productsAccording to Bridget, the pan was easy to use and it worked on the first try, making it great for anyone who likes pizza – and who doesn’t like pizza?!

She also summed it up, saying, “Kids love it.  Adults have hardly any clean up and so, it’s fun for the whole family!”

And, we couldn’t agree more!  Congratulations to our inventor-President and everyone who worked on this exceptional product!

Read Bridget’s entire review by clicking here.

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