Join Mr. D and the Hydro Bone Inventor for another episode of Lifetime’s “The Balancing Act”

George Davison (CEO & Founder of Davison) and inventor of the Hydro Bone Diane DiRaimo (as part of her Dare to Invent episode) will be featured on Lifetime’s “The Balancing Act,” America’s premier one-hour women’s morning show dedicated to creating trusted solutions for today’s woman.

Mr. D will join host Kristy Villa (Tomorrow, Friday, July 13 at 7:00 a.m.) to field questions both before and after Lifetime airs Diane’s episode of “Dare to Invent” – the webisode series that explores what can happen when everyday people with ideas take the leap of faith.

Diane loved taking Alexander James, her Japanese Chin puppy, for rides in the car. However, she had a hard time keeping him hydrated and happy on long trips. She knew putting a water bowl in the car or feeding him out of a water bottle was out of the question… but, she thought, surely there must be a better way to provide Alexander with on-the-spot refreshment!

Diane brought her idea for a new pet product to Davison, where fellow animal lover, Curtis, and his creative team, got to work on helping Diane’s idea soak up success, creating an absorbent chew toy with a foam core.

Today, the Hydro Bone is a hydrating chew toy that keeps canines cool and content, even in hot weather. The chew toy comes in three sizes, for dogs and puppies six weeks and older. The water-holding toy combines fun with refreshment, so it quenches your dog’s thirst while playing. When soaked, the molded-rubber bone’s foam core absorbs water, which is then released through specially designed holes as the toy is squeezed. Available at Petco, Sears, Sam’s Club, TJ Maxx, and many more nationwide stores, the durable Hydro Bone is also freezable for lasting refreshment and cooling.

Congratulations to Mr. D, Diane and the Davison team for garnering such great attention for this product – no bones about it!

More Dare to Invent episodes and Mr. D will be featured on “The Balancing Act” within the next several months. We will keep you updated on dates and times.

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