Ford is Riding in Style with Latest Patent

Ford Patent
Photo credit: Ford via U.S. Patent Office

If you’re one of the many people that spend more time in their car than in their house, Ford’s latest patent could make your commute a little bit homier!

Recently, Ford patented a concept for an autonomous car that can reconfigure its seats so that passengers in the front can face those in the rear, much like living room seating.

The patent drawing showcases a myriad of seat styles that can be altered to a person’s liking. For instance, a bench can be folded so that it’s either facing the rear or the front of the vehicle or a person can tuck their front seats under the dashboard for a comfortable foot rest.

Furthermore, the seats are on a swivel and can fold while the vehicle is in motion. Even the steering wheel can be stored in the dashboard for more space and added comfort!

The ultimate goal of Ford’s self-driving vehicle is that passengers can sit back and relax while their car takes them to their desired destination.

The idea behind Ford’s latest patent is reminiscent of the seating in the Mercedes-Benz’s futuristic autonomous concept that was revealed early this year at the International CES.

Though this is an innovative concept, you shouldn’t expect to see this vehicle in the near future. In fact, fully-autonomous vehicles are still a ways away from use due to regulatory and technological obstacles.

In the meantime, check out this short video from Bloomberg Business to learn more about Ford’s latest patent:

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