Employees make a difference for Day of Caring

Davison employees volunteered their time and talents for the 2010 United Way “Day of Caring” campaign, which connects companies with local nonprofit organizations. Their efforts helped Storehouse for Teachers – a resource where teachers can obtain classroom supplies for their students at no cost. The organization is renovating a 30,000 sq ft resource center in the West End where they can fully carry out their mission.

The employees spent a few hours painting, sorting supplies, and moving furniture from the old location, where the center was operating under awful conditions. The volunteer coordinator was impressed with all the volunteers, and one group painted the large break room in only an hour!

“All of them were very, very helpful … They did a lot of good stuff,” said LaVerne, the volunteer coordinator. “I love your people; they’re a lot of fun!”

“It went really well,” said Davison employee, Gwynne, “I had a good time, and it was nice to give back to the kids.” “It was fulfilling knowing the couple hours we were able to put in and the organization we did really allowed them to have a foundation to move forward with their goals for the storehouse,” said Davison employee, Amy.

Gwynne also spoke to the founder, Justin, who said the Storehouse for Teachers could serve 50,000 students when the new center is completed. He recently received a thank you note from a fourth grader who never had a book bag before, but now he does, thanks to the Storehouse, related Gwynne. “It was just cool.”