Drain Wig: Clean Drains in Seconds


As parents to five daughters, Jennifer and Gifford Briggs were no strangers to long hair clogging their shower drains. Not only does this pose a drainage issue, but it’s also at the bottom of every household’s to-do list.

Nobody wants to get down on their hands and knees to clean a drain full of soap scum, hair, and dirt. Having a large family, the Briggs grew tired of how slow their drain was. Not only was it slow, but sooty rings were forming in the tub because of the slowly receding water.

A slow drain, coupled with the amount of time it took in between showers (while waiting for the tub to drain) sent the husband and wife on a mission to develop a solution for a problem that plagues many households.

Sure, you could purchase expensive liquids to pour down your drain, but those damage pipes and can wreak havoc on a septic system. A hair trap may seem like the perfect solution, yet you’re still left cleaning out the hair trap – which isn’t much better than having to clean the drain in the first place.

Although there was a wide array of solutions on the market, none met the needs of a family constantly up against this problem; thus, the Drain Wig was born. A long metal string attached to a decorative topper was the perfect solution the Briggs were searching for.

Homeowners simply drop the string down the drain while the topper keeps it from falling down entirely. The unique hooked-chain design catches all of the hair as it goes down the drain, allowing for easy removal when it’s time to clean. The simple, yet effective hair trap is 100% disposable which means you won’t need to touch any of the mess or break out the rubber gloves.

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*Davison had no involvement with the design of the featured product