Inventing a New Way to Invent

One of the biggest challenges an inventor has is understanding how to make their ideas resonate. We can always come up with ideas, but we struggle to tell the story of how they will be useful and why they will matter to people.

Throughout countless years of trial and error, Davison has turned inventing into a science. That science is our trademarked Better Way To Invent®. Our better way to invent consists of several break-through technologies integrated into our 9 Step Inventing Method technology.

This method was not thought of overnight. It took our inventor and Founder, George Davison and the young Davison team 5 years to realize an inventing method that would work. A method that would take into consideration the types of machines a company uses, the types of materials they use, their price points, their packaging, and so on.

Today, our inventing technology is constantly evolving as we explore and experiment for even more effective inventing methodologies. New ways of building products, new technologies, new design methodologies, and new equipment are what keep Davison ahead of the game. When it comes to being able to efficiently and affordably produce an idea into a product for a corporate entity, over 25 years of hard work in the science of the invention process, Davison leads the way.

But how will it work for you?

The 9 Step Inventing Method takes into consideration effectiveness and affordability to both the client, and to the corporation that that client’s product will be presented to.

This methodology is effective in helping us develop our client’s ideas and helping us tell their story. By creating and inventing the latest technology in how to develop ideas into inventions, we are able to keep our customers cost’s low and risk to a minimum. What used to be affordable to only the wealthy, is now affordable to most all people with invention ideas.

George has shaped Davison to follow these same principals when helping clients with their ideas. “I created this better way to invent, for you; the people with ideas” states George. It was a long and bumpy road, paved by a lot of “no’s” and “sorry kid, your idea won’t work here” type of comments. However, Mr. Davison was able to successfully develop a methodology to get products recognized by corporations – a methodology that our company was built on and continues to improve each day.

Do you have an idea for a product or invention that could change or better an already existing product on the market? If so, we would love to hear it! Confidentially submit your idea today!