Cold Weather and Leveling Hassles No Longer Hindering Savvy RV Enthusiasts


PITTSBURGH, PA. – December 12, 2008 – Today, a record 8 million RVs are on the roads and one in 12 families in the U.S. owns an RV. Many of those families find the cooler months are a great time for camping and hunting; after reveling in the brisk outdoors, they can return to the warmth and comfort of their RVs. Continuing a three-year trend, more are planning trips this season than last, with 92 percent of RVers planning at least one trip this fall or winter, according to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association.

In the past, many RVers spent precious vacation hours trying to level their rig, often using methods that involve attaching levels onto the outside and then watching them while someone else operates a jack or landing gear or while placing boards or blocks under the tires.

More RV’ers are discovering that the leveling process doesn’t have to be so time consuming. Davison, a new product development firm and home of Inventionland, has created a device that provides an efficient and time-saving way to accurately level an RV.

The two-piece RV Leveler eliminates all the back-and-forth and guesswork of a standard leveler. The RV Leveler’s base communicates wirelessly via radio frequency with a corresponding handheld device that operates more than 100 feet away. The device can be used to accurately level a mobile home, boat trailer, deck or even a tree house!

Created inside the Motor Speedway of Davison’s Inventionland (where automotive products and tools are developed), the four-light LED display on both units enables the user to see immediately whether all areas are level and where adjustments are needed; green LEDs show where an RV is level and the red LEDs show where it is not.

The RV Leveler is “a top seller” at Cabela’s, a specialty retailer of hunting, fishing, camping and related outdoor recreation merchandise. It was developed for CIPA, an innovative industry leader in automotive mirrors and other aftermarket products for more than 65 years. CIPA currently manufactures its products in the U.S., Asia and France, and continues to set sales volume records in almost every category.

Davison is a new product development company that provides a variety of services to inventors, corporations and entrepreneurs. Products designed by Davison have sold in stores across the U.S., such as Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Sears, K-Mart, FAO Schwarz, JCPenney and Cabela’s.

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