Birds Flock to Eco-friendly Davison Design

Davison products

Bird is the word for an innovative pet product company that has licensed many Davison-designed pet items. Hugs Pet Products is introducing another Davison design that will have “every-birdy” flocking to check it out!

The first of Hugs’ items to be completely eco-friendly, the Grass Twine Bird House is made of 100% organic materials.

It’s constructed of reed grass, providing a natural camouflage that also shields and protects birds from unwanted attention and predators.

With natural ventilation and drainage, it’s a dream destination for all feathered friends!

The Grass Twine Bird House also has three entry openings and a rough exterior, which makes it easier for birds to enter and exit.

Clearly any birdy’s dream, the Grass Twine Bird House and many other innovative Davison-designed pet items made their appearance at the 2011 SuperZoo Trade Show in Las Vegas, where they will be showcased to many major retailers!

This corporate product was invented and licensed by Davison for its own benefit.