BedJet’s Take on Invention and Innovation

BedJet - Davison

So many of us often struggle to get out of our cozy beds to begin another busy work day. Alarm clocks, including our smart phone alarms, are a solid go-to for signaling that it’s the start of a new day.

Though the alarm clock is an invention that has withstood the test of time… there’s a new product on the market with its own innovation; and, it’s alarming!

BedJet recently introduced their “smartbed” technology.  This new innovation is challenging the classic alarm clock invention by way of a mattress.

The BedJet is a mattress that’s equipped with technology that changes your bed’s temperature throughout the night. Its main purpose is to provide people with a Better Way to get quality sleep.

BedJet’s technology aims to help people fall asleep faster, get better sleep and potentially aid in a person waking up naturally without the help of an alarm clock.

Let’s lay down the facts behind this new invention idea.

Usually, our bodies follow a fairly predictable course of temperatures throughout the night. Before sleep, our bodies cool down and gradually get cooler and cooler as we nod off into deeper sleep. From there, our bodies begin to warm, right before we wake up.

The BedJet collects and uses this information to warm and cool your mattress during the night with the help of its fancy air blowers to maintain your body’s ideal temperatures, even if your room is too warm or too cold.

This invention also will heat the mattress to the person’s preferred waking hour for a more natural wake up call.

The jury is still out if BedJet’s innovation will work for everyone, especially heavy sleepers who may not wake naturally just by a change in temperature.

Whatever the verdict may be, BedJet is a good example of taking an already-existing product and making it better. They may have invented a new technology, but they also are improving an already-existing product… that’s innovation.

So what’s the difference between invention and innovation?

An invention is the “creation of a product or introduction of a process for the first time.” While innovation is when someone “improves on or makes a significant contribution” to something that has been previously been invented, much like an upgrade.

Now that you know the difference between invention and innovation, do you think you have a Better Way to improve a product? The BedJet is a great example of how even one small change to an existing invention can make a big difference!

If you’ve got an invention or innovation, submit your idea today!

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