A ‘Sound’ Piece of Technology

On Tuesday, we wrote a blog about the ReWalk Exoskeleton that is giving paralyzed individuals a second chance at walking again. Today, we want to talk about the Resound Linx. This invention is aimed at giving the hearing impaired a better chance at hearing the sounds that make the world go round.

This new rare piece of wearable technology is a practical and immediately-usable invention that can be utilized by anyone with a hearing impairment. On Monday, this new Bluetooth device was officially launched by the Denmark-based GN ReSound company that developed it.

The hearing aid uses ReSound’s Surround Sound integrated sound processing and the company touts that it is powerful enough to aid in 90 percent of hearing loss cases.

Furthermore, this invention was created in order to work seamlessly with the iPhone and iPad. The ReSound Linx will allow the person wearing the apparatus to adjust the sound settings directly from their smartphone. This is an important feature that allows anyone who is wearing the hearing aid to be less conspicuous while adjusting their device in public.

So, what sets this device apart from the others? The hearing aids are directly connected between Apple devices. Additionally, the hearing aid also can exchange data with the iPhone, using the ReSound smart app that will give the user new ways to personalize their hearing experience.

The functionality of the device’s ability is the fact that the invention has the capability to remember specific sound experience settings from a particular location. The device can do this by tagging GPS locations, so users then have the option to use that location-specific setting whenever they return to the location.

That’s not all for the GPS function. It also serves as a locator. Let’s say that you’ve lost one of the devices; you can search for it using the ReSound Linx app, which raises the volume level on the app’s display as you get closer to the lost device.

The only apparent downside of this new invention is that it isn’t cheap. In fact, the general price ranges anywhere from $2,900-$3,500.

Although it may have a hefty price tag, this “sound” piece of technology is sparking the interest of consumers everywhere.

Take a look at the promo for the ReSound Linx:

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