5 Qualities of a Successful Person

Inventionland Tweet

On Monday, November 16, we were inspired by a quote that our friends over at Inventionland tweeted that served as our daily bout of motivation.

It’s a common occurrence for idea people and creative minds to let their doubts and insecurities rise to the forefront and put their dreams and aspirations on the backburner.

So often, people are afraid of the risk to move their idea forward while some don’t have enough confidence in themselves or their idea to pursue it.

The quote, “Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do” is so straightforward and simple, yet it’s our own human tendency to let our fears and uncertainties take the driver’s seat.

Today, we are going to share with you five qualities that successful and confident people exude:

Creativity – Successful people don’t experience success because they followed the pack. Successful people are successful because they thought-outside-of-the box. Follow your dreams and use your imagination, your creativity is the brush and your idea is the canvas. Paint a beautiful picture!

Persistency – It’s no secret that along your journey you’re going to encounter some hurdles. It’s how you handle these hurdles that will determine your success. Successful people use hurdles as learning lessons and become stronger and more resilient because of them.

Thoughtfulness – Put on your thinking cap. Being successful requires a person to not only be thoughtful when it comes to their idea, but empathetic as well. Inventions are made out of necessity. Sometimes, invention ideas can help those in need, so ask yourself, “How can my invention change someone’s life?”

Realism – Being realistic is an important piece to the success puzzle. When working on your idea, know that you may never be successful and, if you are, it won’t happen overnight. Success takes resilience and time. Setting unattainable goals will only set you up for failure. Start small and keep building on your successes.

Confidence – The popular adage, “No one will believe in you unless you do” is very fitting when it comes to being successful. You have to believe in yourself, your abilities, your aptitude and so much more to be successful. Confidence is a learned skill and through consistency and practice you will exude an air of confidence.

So, take note of these five tips and always believe in yourself.  In times of doubt, remember to “Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.”

Copyright Davison, 2015