Our History

The story of how Davison got started.

In 1986, Mr. Davison, like many idea people, had several new product ideas. One was to prevent toothbrush germs from spreading and getting everyone in his family sick. After spending more than two years and nearly every dime he had trying to bring his idea to life, a major corporation beat him to the market with the same idea.

That corporation beat him to the punch because they had a method for building new products quickly and a way to get them to the market. Why didn't Idea People like Mr. Davison have access to a similar process; an affordable idea-to-product method like the one major corporations used?

It was at that moment that Mr. Davison saw a need... and necessity is the mother of invention. He needed everything under one roof to invent his products in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner. He needed to be able to compete.

Mr. Davison dreamed of creating a new method that would benefit future generations of Idea People. It took years of experimentation to figure out the best means to affordably transform ideas into products. He had failures and successes that led him to the best approach. Eventually, he found a method that worked.

It took our founder more than two decades to develop an invention method that would forever change how product ideas... become actual products. Then, Entrepreneur Magazine dubbed him a "Creative Genius," and the rest is history.

Over 25 Years of New Invention Development - A History Timeline

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June 2017

App development is continuing to grow at DavisonApp development is continuing to grow here at Davison! Just this past month, we have brought two more Apps to the App Store. The Photo Hub and The Family Album Vault are two of the latest Apps Davison has developed and brought to market for our customers. Check them out in the App Store! We are always looking for new product and App ideas, submit your idea today!

May 2017

Davison Licensing Department attended the 2017 National Hardware’s ShowThe Davison Licensing Department attended the 2017 National Hardware’s Show this month which was held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Coming out of the show, many promising leads were established and new relationships were formed with different distributors and retailers!

April 2017

Davison products now on Zulily!Davison is happy to announce that we now have products that were licensed and are being sold on Zulily! For those of you who don’t know, Zulily is an online retailer that sells unique products to consumers from well-known brands across the country.

Our Founder and CEO Mr. Davison granted another patent! Founder and CEO Mr. Davison has been granted yet another patent to add to his collection! Being his most recent patent, this patent is for a Cooling Pet Chew-toy with Edible Inserts.

March 2017

Davison is a member of the U.S Chamber of Commerce for another year!Davison Design & Development Inc. is proud to have become a member of the U.S Chamber of Commerce for yet another year!

Davison App development is taking off!App development is taking off! Here at Davison we have been getting in so many new app ideas it’s hard to keep up! Our team has been hard at work developing apps for the Apple iOS. No app idea is impossible; we would like to hear yours! Submit your idea here!

February 2017

Mr. Davison finds product in container storeFounder George Davison made a visit to The Container Store to see client Jennifer’s invention on store shelves! Jennifer’s unique Hanger Pocket Accessory Organizer was private-labeled by The Container Store after having already found success in versions available through other stores. See it on shelves now!

TriSagna Pan featured on QVCThe unique TriSagna Pan, developed using the Davison® Inventing Method, aired twice on QVC in one day! Chef Tony Notaro shared delicious dishes on QVC’s Kitchen Unlimited with Carolyn during the afternoon and by evening, he was showcasing even more great recipes on the set of In the Kitchen with David. Hosts Carolyn Gracie and David Venable were amazed with all that could be made with this innovative 4-part pan including lifting trays – from baking three types of lasagna at once, to sides and desserts! Read more.

January 2017

Davison Client surveysDavison kicks off the New Year with positive client feedback. After receiving their Pre-Development Portfolios, see what several clients had to say about their positive product development experience as they worked with our professional team at Davison. Read more.

December 2016

Founder George Davison set out to expand his 9-step inventing method used on all Davison client inventions into an educational innovation course that focuses on project-based learning for students in grades 6-16. Mr. Davison’'s courseware became a nominee for the 2017 Edison Awards!

First 30 second TV CommercialIn efforts to reach and better serve a community of inventors, Davison went on air with our first ever 30-second television commercial. Watch it now!

Founder George Davison contributed to a notable community cause with a special donation to VarietyDuring the holiday season, founder George Davison contributed to a notable community cause with a special donation to Variety® – the Children’s Charity, which held its annual Anniversary Gala and “My Bike” parade to raise funds to empower children with disabilities. Support of the gala helped provide equipment, including customized adaptive bikes, to children with special needs. Read more!

November 2016

Bed Bath and Beyond carries Davison client's productThe Davison licensing department announces that client Justin’s dessert carrier idea made its way to Bed Bath & Beyond, online and within 35 select brick-and-mortar stores across the nation! Justin’s journey with Davison began in 2012. His product was licensed to Love Cooking Company who later relaunched the carrier under their David Tutera Decadent Delights collection, now at Bed Bath & Beyond! Read more.

October 2016

Davison and Jokari join with The Container StoreFounder and CEO George Davison joins friends from Inventionland and corporate partner Jokari/US, Inc. at The Container Store’s new Pittsburgh, PA location for an exclusive, invite-only preview party held before the grand opening of the store! It was here that Mr. Davison walked the floor with buyers and saw our products on store shelves, including client products like Jennifer’s Hanger Pockets in The Container Store private-label packaging! Get a sneak peak!

September 2016

Davison clients Ruth and Gary celebrate 12 years of royaltiesDavison clients Ruth and Gary celebrate 12 years of royalties and still counting! This husband and wife inventing duo reached out to Davison 12 years ago for our expertise in preparing and presenting their Twister Bolts and Twister Caps ideas to corporations for licensing. They found success with their product and a dozen years later, they’re still receiving royalty checks every quarter. Read more about their inventing success!

August 2016

Davison client's product featured in their local newspaper, Tampa Bay TimesDavison client Ingrid’s invention idea reshapes the burger! This Tampa Bay, Florida mom worked with Davison to find a better way to combine two cookout favorites – hot dogs and hamburgers – into one healthier, more grease-free food. Her invention story was even featured in the Tampa Bay Times!

July 2016

Davison client's product evolution Mega Bacon Pan featured on QVBCThe Davison-designed Mega Bacon Pan, evolved from our client Jean’s Meatball Baker idea, aired on QVC’s In the Kitchen with David. QVC host David Venable and Chef Tony Notaro showcased the highlights of this innovative two-part pan that cooks 18 slices of bacon on a diagonal, elevated out of their own grease for perfectly crisp bacon! Read more.

June 2016

Davison client and corporate inventions reach big-brand success with a PepsiCo North America licenseDavison client and corporate inventions reach big-brand success, thanks to a PepsiCo North America license held by corporate partner, Jokari/US, Inc. Thanks to this license, Davison products including the client-invented Can Pump and the Bottle Ice, invented by founder and CEO George Davison, were able to align with these big beverage brands. Read more!

Chef Tony and David Tutera team up with DavisonInnovation drives celebrities to stamp their approval on Davison client products! After several client ideas moved through our product development process, they would later come to be licensed and packaged under big names like celebrity chef Paula Deen, wedding and entertaining expert David Tutera and QVC personality Chef Tony Notaro! Check out a few of the client inventions.

During this month in 1951, the very first commercial TV program was broadcast in color by CBS. Who knew our very own founder and CEO George Davison had a connection to fellow inventor Joe Donahue who helped invent the color TV? Donahue was a key inventor to the color picture tubes that were found in televisions. His impactful words written in a letter to Mr. Davison are a great testament to the Davison® Inventing Method.

May 2016

George Davison introduces his latest invention during National Inventors MonthDuring National Inventors Month, Founder and CEO George Davison introduced his latest invention to the market – the world’s first Curved Bench! Licensed to Creative Outdoor Distributors, this six-seat curved bench is available through and Read more!

April 2016

Davison client Bobby’s PushPan Brownie Pan was featured on the popular QVC segmentDavison client Bobby’s PushPan Brownie Pan was featured on the popular QVC segment, “Kitchen Unlimited with Carolyn.” QVC hosts Marie Louise Ludwig and Carolyn Gracie had nothing but positive things to say as they demonstrated the innovative product on air!

Thanks to the help of our development services, clients are now able to bring their app ideas to life! Now, idea people everywhere can safely submit their tangible invention ideas and their mobile app ideas as well! Eddie Porter did just that and had his idea turned into the functional Coach’s Whiteboard iPad app!

March 2016

Davison design product on display at the pet industry’s largest annual trade show, the Global Pet ExpoOur client invention that was licensed to our friends at Hugs Pet Products were on display at the pet industry’s largest annual trade show, the Global Pet Expo. At the event, Hugs Pet Products featured their Paula Deen Premium Select Pet Food, their brand-new line of Massaging Groomers and their recently-unveiled Realtree Dog Treats!

Davison-designed products were on display at the Love Cooking Company and Jokari booths during the International Home + Housewares Show in ChicagoDavison-designed products were on display at the Love Cooking Company and Jokari booths during the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago! At the event, client products, like the innovative Hanger Pockets and Chef Tony’s bacon products that were inspired by our client Jean’s Meatball Baker, were front and center!

February 2016

The Davison-licensed Hugs Pet Products’ Massaging Groomers Tools hit the market after their big debut at the 2015 SuperZoo, The National Show for Pet Retailers!The Davison-licensed Hugs Pet Products’ Massaging Groomers Tools hit the market after their big debut at the 2015 SuperZoo, The National Show for Pet Retailers! It took a lot of hard work and creativity, but brush by brush these innovative products came to fruition and are available for purchase!

Two of our Managing Senior Directors, Matt and Robert, made their way to the SHOT showTwo of our Managing Senior Directors, Matt and Robert, made their way to the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show and Conference (SHOT Show) in February. While at the trade show, this Davison duo was able to promote Davison’s outdoor innovations and get a behind-the-scenes look at industry trends!

January 2016

New Year, new chances to leave the Davison mark at trade shows!New Year, new chances to leave the Davison mark at trade shows! Managing Senior Directors Matt and Robert made the cross-country trek to Las Vegas to attend the annual Consumer Technology Association’s International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). While at the show, this Davison duo was able to create new connections, nurture existing business relationships and see where the latest technology trends were heading.

December 2015

As we prepare to head into 2016, we continue to open the doors to our creative design facility to inspire the innovators of tomorrow.As we prepare to head into 2016, we continue to open the doors to our creative design facility to inspire the innovators of tomorrow. Their passion is an instant reminder of why it is so important to stay positive when you're pursuing your dreams. Here's to a successful 2016!

November 2015

Our Licensing Team hit the road, travelling to Las Vegas for the SEMA and AAPEX trade showsOur Licensing Team hit the road, travelling to Las Vegas for the SEMA and AAPEX trade shows. These two shows are some of the biggest the automotive industry has to offer and our team enjoyed catching up with current contacts and making connections with new automotive industry contacts as well!

Davison designs are hitting the Lifetime TV networkIt wasn’t long ago that celebrity chef Paula Deen debuted the packaging our creative team designed on her personal website. Now, those designs are hitting the Lifetime TV network in a commercial for Deen’s Premium Select Pet Food!

October 2015

Mrs. Fields Bake N Stuff Cupcake Pan debuted on QVCThe Piñata Nonstick Cupcake Pan, also known as the Mrs. Fields Bake N Stuff Cupcake Pan, which debuted on QVC in September, is now listed as one of network’s Best Sellers! We can’t get enough of that great feedback about our new product designs!

September 2015

Mrs. Fields Bake N Stuff Cupcake Pan featured on QVCOur Mrs. Fields Bake N Stuff Cupcake Pan was featured on QVC’s “In the Kitchen with Carolyn” as the Piñata Nonstick Cupcake Pan. Longtime QVC kitchen product specialist Marie Louise Ludwig said “It takes basic cupcakes and turns them into something phenomenal!” We couldn’t agree more!

Inventionland was featured in the Pittsburgh Business TimesOur friends at Inventionland were featured in the Pittsburgh Business Times as one of “the most interesting, inspiring and attractive office spaces in the Pittsburgh region.” In fact, the month-long feature showcased Inventionland as their very first “Coolest Office!”

August 2015

As a company, we travel to the home of one of the world’s most iconic inventors – Henry Ford!As a company, we travel to the home of one of the world’s most iconic inventors – Henry Ford! We visited the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village. What an incredible day full of innovation!

Inventionland is now featured on Paula Deen’s personal website!We’re excited to announce that packaging we designed is now featured on Paula Deen’s personal website! Deen recently teamed up with our friends at Hugs Pet Products to launch her own brand of dog food and we were charged with creating the packaging!

July 2015

Our Licensing team attends SuperZoo 2015 in Las Vegas. Our Licensing team attends SuperZoo 2015 in Las Vegas. The national show for pet retailers featured some of the latest pet products and packaging designs. Among some of the highlighted products was our client, Diana’s invention idea, the Chillz Comfort Cooling Gel Pet Pad!

The Chef Tony Bacon Bakin’ Pan sells out in its debut appearance on QVC!The Chef Tony Bacon Bakin’ Pan, which is a product revolution from our client Jean’s Meatball Baker idea, sells out in its debut appearance on QVC! Culinary Professional Chef Tony Notaro features his Better Way to make bacon alongside David Venable on QVC’s “In the Kitchen with David.”

June 2015

The Davison-designed Chillz Comfort Cooling Gel Pet Pad was featured in an email from Bed Bath & Beyond that was titled, “Get your paws on these COOL products!” In the email, our client’s product that we licensed to our friends at Hugs Pet Products was the very first pet cooling item listed in the 20% off online offer!

In an article titled, “Inventionland helps build new products, entrepreneurs,” the Pittsburgh Trib Total Media deemed our friends at Inventionland’s creative design facility an “idea incubator.” The publication went on to say that Inventionland is capable of helping people who’ve “hatched an idea for a fabulous new invention…”

The Davison-designed Chef Tony Bacon Baker that is featured front and center on NBC’s TODAY Show!The Davison-designed Chef Tony Bacon Baker that is licensed to our friends at the Love Cooking Company was featured front and center on NBC’s TODAY Show! Once again, our Better Way to Invent has turned another idea into a product… a product that now has been seen by millions of viewers! Even America’s favorite TV weatherman, Al Roker, referenced the “better way” the pan works!

Fox & Friends features Davison designed Hydro BoneThanks to Fox & Friends, our client Diane’s Hydro Bone, along with a couple other Hydro line items, was featured on national TV as a life-saving solution for helping pets beat summer heat! Celebrity vet Dr. Carol Osborne led a pup into a pool where the Hydro Fetch and Hydro Ring were floating alongside the Arctic Freeze Ball and Arctic Freeze Bone!

May 2015

Inventionland mentioned on Cosmopolitan UKOur very own invention factory, Inventionland, was listed among the likes of Facebook and Google in Cosmopolitan UK’s list, “13 sickeningly cool offices that will make you hate your poxy workplace.” In the article, Inventionland was described in one word – “AMAZING.”

April 2015

Davison-designed Miracle Meatloaf Pan a hit on QVCThe Davison-designed Chef Tony Meatloaf Pan that is licensed to our friends at the Love Cooking Company has become a QVC hit! Culinary Professional Chef Tony Notaro has been touting the Chef Tony Meatloaf Pan on QVC for months and this product has been stuffed with an overload of five-star customer reviews! Not to mention, this innovative product is ranked as a QVC “best seller!”

March 2015

Davison-designed products on display at Global Pet Expo in March 2015Davison-designed products that are licensed with Hugs Pet Products were on display at the pet industry’s largest annual trade show, the Global Pet Expo. The Chillz Mat and the Silicone Dog Treat Pan, which are both client inventions, were in the lime light at the Hugs Pet Products booth. This exciting event took place from March 4-7 in Orlando, FL.

Tony Notaro and Love Cooking Company products a success at IHAThis year’s International Home + Housewares Show was quite the success! Not only did Culinary Professional Chef Tony Notaro and Love Cooking Company representatives show off their innovative products, two Jokari products, the Scrub Gator and Petal Clips, were International Housewares Association (IHA) Innovation Award finalists!

Davison sponsors Veterans Breakfast Club EventIt’s an honor to be one of the sponsors of the Veterans Breakfast Club’s event, “Their Stories, Our History” at the Senator John Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh. This April event celebrates the opening of the Veterans Breakfast Club’s new Western Pennsylvania Veterans Archive at the center.

February 2015

Chef Tony and the Miracle Meatloaf Pan appeared on QVCChef Tony and the Miracle Meatloaf Pan appeared on QVC’s “In the Kitchen with David” for the second time already this year! Satisfied QVC shoppers have had great “stuff” to say about this Davison-designed invention, which is fueling its four-star rating on!

January 2015

The Davison-designed Jokari Soda Straws are now available on Walmart.comThe Davison-designed Jokari Soda Straws are now available on! This innovative product is the perfect solution to help keep favorite sodas or other carbonated beverages fresh. With a flip-top cap, the Soda Straws also help prevent spills!

The inventor of the Chilly Mat, Diana Edington, was featured in her hometown's newspaper 'The Banner'The inventor of the Chilly Mat, Diana Edington, was featured in an article that was published in “The Banner,” a Carthage, Indiana, newspaper. The article featured their hometown-inventing hero and her invention, the Chilly Mat, which helps pets stay comfortable and cool whether they are indoors or out.

The Chilly Mat, Chilly Vest and Pugz Boots for Dogs were all featured on Coupaw.comThe Chilly Mat, Chilly Vest and Pugz Boots for Dogs were all featured on This site promises to tell people about “the best pet services and retailers” and they did just that when they featured three of our Davison-designed products. Not to mention, the Chilly Mat was a featured deal in the “Dog Deals for Winter Vacay” email.

December 2014

Inventionland was recognized by The Pittsburgh Business Times as a 2014 Manufacturer of the Year finalistInventionland was recognized by The Pittsburgh Business Times as a 2014 Manufacturer of the Year finalist and even made the nominee list in both the Overall Excellence and Sustainability categories. With all the other finalists, Inventionland was deemed one of the “region’s best manufacturing firms.”

Davison CEO and Founder George Davison hosts fundraising for the The Kiski SchoolOur founder and CEO, George Davison, was recognized by Rotary International, an international service organization that works to bring together professional leaders in an effort to provide high ethical standards and humanitarian services around the world, when they named him a Paul Harris Fellow, “in appreciation of tangible and significant assistance given for the furtherance of better understanding and friendly relations among peoples of the world.”

Inventionland hosts Tickets for Kids Chariities (TFK)Tickets for Kids Charities (TFK) celebrated their 20-year benchmark when they threw an incredible “Imagine Nation Ungala” at none other than Inventionland! Over 200 guests filled our creative workspace in support of the regional charity that helps to fill seats at Pittsburgh’s many shows, games and other events by providing tickets for children and families who may not be able to afford admission costs.

November 2014

Davison CEO and Founder George Davison hosts fundraising for the The Kiski SchoolOur very own CEO and Founder George Davison hosted a fundraising kick-off event for his alma mater, The Kiski School. The event was held to show support for the $8 million athletic center that is set to open in fall 2015. This renovation includes an expanded weight-training facility and gymnasium!

QVC features Davison Produced Product Invention Mrs. Fields Fill N Flip and Square Layer Cake PansFollowing the Mrs. Fields Fill N Flip Round and Square Layer Cake Pans appearance on QVC’s “Gifts for the Cook,” customers who purchased this Davison-designed product weren’t shy about singing their praises on QVC’s website! The great reviews “filled” the Fill N Flip’s nearly-perfect five-star rating!

Mama Smith wrote a blog post about Davison Product'sMommy blogger “Mama Smith” wrote a blog post titled “Love Cooking- Baking Products You Cannot Live Without!” In her post, the stay-at-home-mom put Love Cooking Company’s Mrs. Fields Cookie Cuttables, Cupcake Cone Pan and Sto-N-Go Dessert Carrier to the test when she used them to bake with her two young daughters!

October 2014

Davison Hangar Pockets featured in Tex AppealIt’s been decided! The Davison-designed Hanger Pockets have some serious Tex Appeal! The Hanger Pockets were featured in the September 2014 issue of “Tex Appeal,” a Central Texas life and style magazine. At the forefront of this article was the product story of the Hanger Pockets’ inventor and even our founder and CEO Mr. Davison contributed to the story, too!

Davison Mrs. Fields Fill N Flip featured on QVCThe Mrs. Fields Fill N Flip Locking Layer Pan was featured on QVC’s “Gifts for the Cook” show! While on the air, this innovative piece of Davison-designed bakeware was front and center and the hosts demonstrated the various ways that this invention can be used for baking delicious cakes! We have to say, when we saw this episode, we were “filled” with joy!

September 2014

Dana Vento features Davison designed productOn her popular blog, Pittsburgh-area mommy blogger Dana Vento takes a taste of the Brookie Pan that we designed at Inventionland. Deeming the pan “amazing and five-star divine,” Vento says she even uses the pan’s delicious part-cookie-part-brownie creations to encourage her kids to join the family’s “clean plate club” during meals!

This month, we learn that a community project near and dear to our hearts is set to get underway! As Chairman of a local business alliance, Mr. Davison proposed a trail system that would wind through the business park that houses both Davison and our creative workspace, Inventionland. Soon, all business park employees will be able to safely walk, run or relax along the new trail.

Our founder and CEO, George Davison, appears during premiere week on the nationally-syndicated, Emmy-awarding winning Steve Harvey show! Mr. Davison serves as an expert guest judge for Harvey’s “Pitch to Win” inventing contest and awards the winner with a $10,000 check from Inventionland! Now, Mr. Davison’s inventing advice lives on under “Expert Tips” on the Steve Harvey show website!

August 2014

Whack-a-Mouse goes out of stock on and its video reaches 180,000 views on YoutubeHaving a product we designed be featured in one of’s entertaining videos last year was awesome; now, that video on the Whack-a-Mouse pet toy has received over 180,000 YouTube views. The product ranks high on a YouTube search and has sold so well it is currently out of stock on!

Davison designed products featured on coupaw.comThe Whack-a-Mouse cat toy and Sticks Throwing Dog Treats that we designed for Hugs Pet Products are featured as deals. According to the pet-and-owner-friendly website, they offer limited-time deals on “some of the best pet services and retailers” they can find!

NBC affliate station features one of our client's development stories.One of our clients took her product development story to her local NBC affiliate station in Florida. She came up with her potentially life-saving “Sound of Life” car alarm system to set off a car alarm whenever the car engine is off, the doors are locked and a child is still sitting inside.

July 2014

Popular Arabic TV show “Khawatir” features our design facility, InventionlandAfter touring through Inventionland, the popular Arabic TV show “Khawatir” features our design facility in an episode about creative solutions. Since the Saudi Arabian show has aired, it has been viewed over one million times world-wide on YouTube.

June 2014

n the Kitchen with David features Miracle Meatloaf PanFor the second time this year, the Miracle Meatloaf Pan airs on QVC's "In the Kitchen with David." This time it sells over 7,000 products! Additionally, happy customers from far and wide offered great testimonials about the innovative Davison-designed bakeware product on!

Davison Family Attends Pittsburgh's 59th annual CLO Guild BallOn Saturday, June 7, 2014, the Westin Convention Center in Pittsburgh hosted the 59th Annual CLO Guild Ball. Our founder and CEO, Mr. George Davison, along with his mother, Moira, and daughter, Morgan, served as three generations of co-chairs, making this year’s event, “A Night to Remember!”

Davison sponsors The Challenge Program (TCP)Davison continues to support academics, particularly in the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and math), that is why we were pleased to be this year’s proud sponsor of The Challenge Program (TCP) at Meadville Area Senior High School. TCP selected five Meadville Area Senior High School seniors to receive financial awards for their year-round academic efforts.

May 2014 features Inventionland's 61,000 square-foot workplaceRecently, our 61,000 square-foot workspace, Inventionland was featured on an entertainment website that offers an array of photographs from around the web. Inventionland was one of the “12 Coolest Offices in the World!”

Shopko begins selling Davison-designed productsThis month, Shopko, a Midwest retailer with over 330 locations began selling Davison-designed products. Shopko is now part of the list of over 1,200 stores and online retailers who have sold or are selling our new products and packaging solutions.

Hanger Pockets and Hanger Links licensed by JokariTwo of our Davison-designed products, the Hanger Pockets and the Hanger Links were both recently licensed by the Jokari Company. Additionally, both products also found a “home” on the Jokari website’s homepage!

April 2014

NY Times features Davison's Clip 'N DrainThe Clip & Drain that we designed at Inventionland was featured in the New York Times “Home & Garden” section in an article titled, “Meet Me in Chicago!” In this article, the writer describes how he appreciates the simplicity and convenience of the Clip & Drain when using it in his own kitchen.

WQED holds Invention Convention at InventionlandEarly this month, we opened the doors of Inventionland to over 200 middle school students from around the Pittsburgh area for the 2014 WQED Design Lives Here Invention Convention. At the event, the students utilized science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) during various invention challenges, even teaming up to pitch new invention ideas to some of our very own Inventionland Creationeers!

March 2014

Davison product featured on QVCThe revolutionary Jade No-Burn Pan that we designed at our creative workspace, Inventionland, debuts on QVC’s “In the Kitchen with David.” Culinary Professional Chef Tony Notaro serves as the product’s spokesman, showcasing the range of the seven-in-one pan’s cooking capabilities.

Davison products get awardsMarch was a busy month for our Licensing Department. Our products were showcased at both the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida, and the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago, Illinois. In fact, some products that were designed at Inventionland were nominated for International Housewares Association Innovation Awards! 2014 is already shaping up to be a great year for Davison products!

February 2014

Inventionland hosts 400 guests to support Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation’s Family Life AuxiliaryThis month, we opened the doors of Inventionland to more than 400 guests to support the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation’s Family Life Auxiliary, A Sweet Gesture 2014: A Night in Venice that was presented by Direct Energy. This event was held in order to raise funds that provide education, support and activities to help families cope while their children are in the hospital.

Davison product featured on QVCJust weeks after one Davison-designed baking product sells out on QVC, we receive word that the Half N Half Cupcake Pan is slated to appear on the world’s leading video and ecommerce retailer as well! We created the Half N Half Cupcake pan for one of our clients and it was licensed by the Love Cooking Company. Now, the innovative pan that gives bakers a Better Way to easily combine two of their favorite cupcake or muffin flavors into one great taste is showcased on QVC’s “Kitchen Unlimited with Carolyn” as a “fun twist on an old favorite.”

January 2014

Davison products now in 1200 stores2014 starts off with an incredible bang! We are happy to announce that during this, our 25th year in the invention industry, 1,200 stores and online retailers have carried Davison-designed products and packaging solutions! Walmart was first on that list, but we’ve since added many other big-name retailers, along with niche stores and online outlets.

Davison reaches 9000 likes on FacebookAdding to the excitement that 2014 has already brought, our social media presence is soaring this year! We’ve now reached 9,000 “likes” on Facebook and we are continuing to climb toward a “Better Way” to bring our followers the latest invention industry news.

Davison product Miracle Loaf Stuffed Meatloaf Pan featured on QVCClosing out the month on a very high note, the Miracle Loaf Stuffed Meatloaf Pan that we designed for one of our clients is featured on QVC’s “In the Kitchen with David” and it sells out in less than 10 minutes! The pan, which allows users to add mashed potatoes, stuffing, macaroni and cheese or any other preferred filling to meatloaf, was licensed by the Love Cooking Company and continues to impress chefs who are looking for the perfect all-in-one, meal-making product.

December 2013

Davison's Mrs. Field products featured on Chicago Food BloggersJust in time to please the foodie on everyone’s holiday gift list, we learn that the Davison-designed Mrs. Fields Half N Half Cupcake pan is featured in the Chicago Food Bloggers 2013 Holiday Gift Guide. The pan, which was licensed by Love Cooking Company and sells at, is noted as a “fun way to create creative cupcake flavor combinations – all in one cupcake!”

The Small Business Community Association (SBCA) gives Davison 2013 Best Business Awared for PittsburghThe Small Business Community Association gives Davison the 2013 Best of Business Award for Pittsburgh! The award, which recognizes “small business owners who make a difference in their respective communities,” is given to less than 1% of business owners in the United States.

November 2013

WQED holds Invention Convention at InventionlandOn November 8, 2013 over 250 students from schools around the Pittsburgh area made their way to our creative-design facility, Inventionland for WQED’s ‘Design Lives Here’ event! At the event, the kids employed the usage of science, technology, engineering and math (S.T.E.M.) during various invention challenges! The local CBS-affiliate KDKA came as well and featured the event on their Friday evening newscast!

October 2013

Homeworld Magazine features Davison-designed products licensed by Love Cooking CompanyHomeWorld Business Magazine features five different Davison-designed products that were licensed by Love Cooking Company. The “leading business-to-business publication for the housewares industry” showcases the Cupcake Cone Pan, Scoop N Cut Cookie Tool, Cool Bake, Half N Half Cupcake/Muffin Pan and Baker’s Sto ‘n Go, which are all a part of Love’s Mrs. Fields line.

AWAY Bug Repellent becomes official bug repellent for KOAWe are excited to announce that AWAY Bug Repellents, a company that we’ve designed products and packaging for, has been named the official bug repellent of Kampgrounds of America (KOA Kampgrounds)! This means the AWAY brand will be linked to all of KOA’s 485 Kampground locations around the country.

September 2013

Mrs. Fields featured on Emily's Frugal Tips BlogThe Davison-designed Mrs. Fields Cool Bake and Half N Half Cupcake Pan are featured on the Emily's Frugal Tips blog, where writers test the products and say, "Both pans are awesome and not once did I use any baking or cooking sprays.” Among 4,000 total entries, one lucky reader wins both products!

Davison-designed Cool Bake is featured on QVCThe Cool Bake, an innovative cookie sheet/cooling rack combination that we designed for our client, Michael, is featured on QVC’s “In the Kitchen with David.” The pan, which was licensed by Love Cooking Company, gets immediate rave reviews by consumers who quickly purchase the product. The client has not received a net profit on the product.

Davison beauty products featured in Fall 2013 edition of Trends MagazineTwo of our hottest beauty products are featured in Fall 2013 edition of Trends Magazine. The TheraPED and Manicure Multitool can be found on page 56 of the magazine, which is the “most comprehensive, searchable and up-to-date directory of suppliers and contact information available to the Canadian fashion industry.”

August 2013

Pet Product News International names HUgs Care line as 2013 Editors Choice Award winnerPet Product News International names the Hugs Care line, an innovative line of pet care products that we designed, as a 2013 Editors’ Choice Award winner! The line includes Anti-Itch Treatment, Ear Rinse, First Aid & Wound Care and Liquid Bandage and was selected over 500 other innovative new products.

Mr Davison goes on multi-state radio tourMr. Davison, our founder and CEO, is heard across the nation, as part of a multi-state radio tour. Mr. D shares his Better Way to Invent and personal inventing story with audiences in Atlanta, Columbus, Chicago, St. Louis, Dallas and Sioux Falls.

July 2013

Inventionland featured in the UK TelegraphOur creative design facility, Inventionland, is making press across the world! The UK Telegraph, ranks our creative workspace at the top of their worldwide “weird and wonderful” workplaces list. Major U.S. media company, Buzzfeed, also features Inventionland as a “Crazy Cool Office,” calling it “The Modern-Day Wonka Factory.”

IDSA recognizes Davison-designed Surprise PanThe Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) recognizes the Davison-designed Surprise Pan as a 2012 Industrial Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) finalist. This is our fourth product that has been recognized by the IDSA. The Bikeboard, Hover Creeper and Oil Filter Gripper are all Davison-designed IDEA winners, too.

June 2013

Davison designed product Chilly Mat featured on CBS Affliliate KHOU Channel 11June is a great month on TV for Davison! First, the Davison-designed Chilly Mat is featured as a “Summer Must Have Item” on Houston’s CBS affiliate, KHOU Channel 11. Although it’s made for pets, KHOU anchor Sherry Williams says, "It feels good..."

Davison's Mrs. Field products said to be some of the hottest housewares at Midtown's Housewares showContinuing the hot TV trend, CBS NY representatives attend Midtown’s Housewares Show and name the Davison-designed Mrs. Fields Half-and-Half Baking Pan and the Mrs. Fields Brookie Pan as two of the “hottest housewares” there. The products were licensed and are sold by the Love Cooking Company.

May 2013

Fox29's 'Good Day Philadelphia' features Davison product Hydro BoneFOX 29’s “Good Day Philadelphia” features the Hydro Bone, a hydrating chew toy that we designed for our client, Diane. The invention, which was licensed by Hugs Pet Products, appears as part of the show’s FOX Fursday “Keeping Your Pets Cool” segment.

Davison attends 2013 National Hardware ShowOur Sales and Licensing departments team up again at the 2013 National Hardware Show in Las Vegas. In an on-going effort to put more client products in stores, our team talks with several company executives, including representatives from the DIY Network.

Davison designed product showcased on DIY NetworkNot only do we learn that three Davison-designed pet inventions are scheduled to appear on the DIY Network’s “I Want That,” the Auto Dish actually does! The show, which provides “in-depth profiles and highlights” of various household products, will also feature the Chilly Mat and Silicone Dog Treat Pan this season.

April 2013

Davison's new Florida office thrivingThis month, we announce our Florida office is open and thriving! Expanding our visibility and geographical reach to South Florida enables us to work more closely with inventors in new markets.

Davison hold Invention Convention 2013 in conjunction with WQEDYoung inventors merge at Inventionland for the Invention Convention 2013, a two-day event to inspire, encourage and challenge students in grades 5-8 to reach for their inventing dreams. Held in conjunction with WQED, attendees even got to meet the cast of WGBH’s “Design Squad Nation.”

Davison's Dare to Invent series up for 2013 Pittsburgh Design, Art and Technology AwardWe receive official notification that our Dare to Invent series is up for a 2013 Pittsburgh Design, Art and Technology Award! Not only is the series a finalist in the Interactive/Media category, we will also showcase the videos at the May 15th Pittsburgh Technology Council’s DATA Awards Gala.

March 2013

Davison launches new Hugs cat toysSix new Davison-designed Cat Toys are seen on PETCO store shelves! Previously licensed by Hugs Pet Products, the Wobble Ball, Mouse Trap, Teeter Rocker, Wibble Wobble, Whack-A-Mouse and Purr-Fect Ball appear on the shelves of the leading pet specialty retailer.

Davison's products featured in Modern Dog MagazineWith the addition of Hugs Pet Products’ Jaws and Cat Toys lines, our company reaches an incredible milestone with 18 different Davison-designed products on Petco store shelves. “It’s a dream come true in a lot of ways,” says our Founder and CEO, George Davison.

Davison's products featured in Modern Dog MagazineTwo Davison-designed pet products are featured in two different media outlets. Modern Dog Magazine features the Silicone Dog Treat Pan in their spring issue’s “Stuff Your Dog Wants” article and NBC TODAY Show host Dylan Dreyer tries Pugz shoes on her pup at Orlando’s Global Pet Expo.

February 2013

Davison helps to predict future in Popular MechanicsMr. Davison helps to predict the future in Popular Mechanics’ 110th anniversary special! In their “The World of Tomorrow” article, the magazine turns to Mr. Davison and other scientists, engineers and consultants – their “Brain Trust” – to boldly make 110 predictions for the next 110 years.

Davison hosts 'Sweet Gesture' fundraiding event at Childrens' Hospital of PittsburghAt Inventionland, we host Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh’s “A Sweet Gesture” fundraising event on Valentine’s Day. The Willy Wonka-themed night raises nearly $56,000 for the hospital’s Family Life Auxiliary foundation.

January 2013

Davison Idea Teacher classes come to Suffolk UniversityMr. Davison’s “Idea Teacher” curriculum is incorporated into three Suffolk University classes for the spring 2013 semester. The inventing content “trial run,” which includes Mr. Davison’s 9-step method, may lead to future courses devoted to inventing!

Davison attends 2013 Consumer Electronics ShowOur licensing team is back at it in Las Vegas at the 2013 Consumer’s Electronic Show, where over 3,250 exhibitors unveiled about 20,000 new products! On a mission to find a strategic partner, our team meets with contacts from Curtis International, Uninex, Skyline International, Fellowes, ESI Cases, Headcases, Technocel and Gibson Guitars.

December 2012

Davison-designed Brownie Bowl on the Balancing Act.Mr. Davison appears on Lifetime TV's "The Balancing Act" to tell two more of our clients' stories. Showcasing "Dare to Invent" webisodes for Christine and her Brownie Bowl, along with Gary and Ruth and their Twister Caps and Twister Bolts, Mr. Davison explains how Davison's Better Way to Invent worked for them – and many other everyday idea people.

Davison-designed Pugz Shoes.Pugz Shoes, which we designed for our client, Kay, are featured on the professional blog of K-Earth Radio host Lisa Stanley. They also make PetSugar's "Best Luxury Pet Products" holiday gift list. It is always a treat to see these cozy shoes walking into more publicity!

Davison featured in Keystone EdgeThe Keystone Edge, a Pennsylvania online publication that covers the entrepreneurial ecosystem that drives the state forward, features Mr. Davison in their "Founders" section. The article refers to Mr. Davison as "one heckuva entrepreneur" and compares him to Henry Ford, saying that praise is one "that should not be viewed lightly."

November 2012

Bikeboard Balancing Act George Davison makes several appearances on Lifetime's "The Balancing Act." Explaining Davison's Better Way to Invent and how it works for every day idea people, Mr. Davison showcases several of our clients and their products. Viewers get to meet our own Creationeer, Clay, and our clients, John, Kay and Lennell (as part of their Dare to Invent webisodes) and see how their respective products, the Surprise Pan, Bikeboard, Pugz and TheraPED were developed from ideas to realities.

George Davison signing royalty checksIn time for the holiday season, Mr. Davison illustrates how Davison's Better Way to Invent works for everyday people with ideas. He signs, seals and delivers big news and royalty checks to Davison inventors from all over the country and even England.

Marketing ExpoOur Licensing Team attends Atlantic City's Non-Foods Marketing Expo, a trade show that caters to retailers interested in general merchandise and seasonal items that one may find at a grocery or drug store. Among over 150 vendors, past licensees of Davison products, Hugs Pet Products and AWAY Bug Repellent, showcase several Davison designs. Quickly heading to the west coast, the Licensing Team also makes a stop at the SEMA and AAPEX shows, where Davison car-cleaning products shine!

October 2012

George Davison and Inventor Jean RindfusGeorge Davison and Jean Rindfus (as part of her Dare to Invent episode) appear on Lifetime's The Balancing Act. The tasty segment airs twice. Before showing the appetizing webisode, Mr. Davison discusses Davison's Better Way to Invent and how it worked for Jean Rindfuss and her Meatball Baker.

Davison-designed Meatball BakerDavison is excited to announce that we're expanding our social media outreach. We successfully launch our very first Pinterest contest " a Meatball Baker giveaway " in conjunction with our most recent appearance on Lifetime TV's "The Balancing Act." After many re-pins, we give Meatball Bakers to two lucky followers!

Davison-designed Hydro BoneDavison's Hydro Bone is featured in Real Simple Magazine. Real Simple, whose motto is "life made easier, every day," recently included the Davison-designed Hydro Bone on their "40 Most-Pinned Problem Solving Products" list. Of the hydrating chew toy, the magazine said, "If you're hitting the park with Fido, be sure to pack the proper warm-weather essentials. Simply soak this rubber bone in water and toss it to your four-legged friend, so he'll stay well "hydrated all day long."

September 2012

Davison-designed Hugs products in Petco.A defining moment in company history, the entire fall 2012 Hugs Pet Products Pugz line arrives at Petco! The line, which we helped design, includes leashes, beds, coats, leg warmers, harnesses and boots; and it's prominently displayed on Petco's end caps.

George Davison on the Balancing ActMr. Davison appears again on Lifetime's "The Balancing Act," this time featuring our inventors, Sharon, and her Cool Cot House, along with Julian, and his Best Stink Bug Trap Ever, as part of their Dare to Invent webisodes (The client has not realized a net profit on this product).

Pinterest logoWe expand our social media presence, launching Pinterest and Google+ pages. Pinterest allows us to share all things inventing on our pinboard and Google+ allows us to chat with our followers in circles or groups, so we can better meet their inventing needs.

SuperZooOur Licensing VP teams up with the Hugs Pet Products marketing team at the 2012 SuperZoo pet industry trade show in Las Vegas. At the show, Hugs debuts several new Davison designs, including the Jaws collection, a dynamic new chew toy line!

Your 15 MinutesOur founder and CEO speaks on Blog Talk Radio's "Your15Minutes Radio," a program dedicated to featuring inventors, musicians and entrepreneurs. On the show, Mr. Davison inspires innovators by giving inventing advice and talking about Inventionland.

August 2012

One Bored MommyDavison products burn up the blogosphere. TheraPED once again earns rave reviews from the One Bored Mommy blog; 6-in-1 Manicure Multitool has "got everything you want," according to Hello Dollface blogger; The Clip & Drain replaces colanders for the writer of Sugar Pop Ribbons, The Neat Things in Life blog gets cooking with the Silicone Dog Treat Pan; and AWAY is celebrated by holistic health guru The Savvy Sister.

George Davison with Ed, the inventor of the Better Tether.George Davison and the inventor of the Better Tether Ed Yoder (as part of his "Dare to Invent" episode) is featured on Lifetime's "The Balancing Act," America's premier one-hour women's morning show dedicated to creating trusted solutions for today's woman. Mr. Davison talks about the Davison Inventing Method and the Better Tether before and after the airing of Ed's episode of "Dare to Invent."

Soul Pitt QuarterlyDavison is featured in an article in the summer edition of Soul Pitt Quarterly, Pittsburgh's Premier Minority A&E Magazine. In the piece, Soul Pitt's writer (Mimi Gray) speaks with CEO and Founder George Davison, President Frank Vescio, Senior Director of New Products Steve Smith and Director of New Products Hassan Walker and picks their brains about what it takes to be an inventor and to work at Davison.

July 2012

Christine, Inventor of the Brownie Bowl"Dare to Invent" airs the twelfth and thirteenth (season finale) episode in our 13-episode webisode series. The first features Christine Walker, inventor of the Brownie Bowl - a delicious dessert solution that enables bakers and chefs to create fill-able brownie, cookie, cake, and bread bowls. Our 1st season final episode treats viewers to Gary and Ruth Frazer, inventors of the Twister Bolts and Twister Caps. Congratulations to all inventors, Creationeers and production staff, who made such a great series possible.

George Davison on the Balancing ActGeorge Davison is featured on another episode of Lifetime's "The Balancing Act," America's premier one-hour women's morning show dedicated to creating trusted solutions for today's woman. Mr. Davison joins host Kristy Villa to field questions both before and after Lifetime airs Diane DiRaimo's (Hydro Bone) episode of "Dare to Invent" - the webisode series that explores what can happen when everyday people with ideas take the leap of faith.

Taste of TennisWe are proud to announce that the TheraPED will be included in 200 VIP gift bags given out during the 13th Annual BNP Paribas Taste of Tennis (Aug. 23, 2012). As part of the 2012 U.S. Open festivities held in New York City, The Taste of Tennis combines NYC's top chefs and the world's greatest tennis players to showcase their culinary skills for the benefit of New York Junior Tennis League.

June 2012

Balancing ActMr. D is featured on Lifetime's "The Balancing Act," America's premier one-hour women's morning show dedicated to creating trusted solutions for today's woman. Mr. D joins host Danielle Knox to field questions both before and after Lifetime airs Joy Clymer's (Party on the Go) episode of "Dare to Invent" - the webisode series that explores what can happen when everyday people with ideas take the leap of faith.

Fox Business logoFox Business Network cameras join Mr. D. at Inventionland, where we get a sneak peek inside Davy's Treehouse. "Inventionland is like a big playground for creative people," George tells Lauren Simonetti. "We try to keep everybody in a state of mind that is real creative and real positive, because the world of inventing can be a crazy up-and-down world. It's a state of mind."

Good Day New York LogoWendy Diamond - entrepreneur and animal rescue advocate, author of two cookbooks and founder/editor of Animal Fair magazine - appears on New York City's FOX morning show "Good Day New York" to discuss important summer safety tips for everybody's four-legged friends. During her spot, Diamond showcases Davison's & Hugs Pet Products' Hydro Bone as a way for dogs to beat the heat.

May 2012

Small Business Community AssociationDavison is nominated for a Small Business Community Association (SBCA) 2012 Best of Business Award for Pittsburgh! According to the SBCA, the Best of Business Awards are designed to empower and recognize businesses that make a difference in their communities.

Kiski School logoContinuing a school tradition, Mr. Davison speaks to students at his high school alma mater, The Kiski School in Saltsburg, Pa. The day-long event includes three sessions, where Mr. Davison enlightens young minds on what it is like to be an entrepreneur.

Three New Dare To Invent WebisodesOur "Dare to Invent" YouTube and Davison webisode series treats viewers to three episodes this month: Lennell Parks, inventor of TheraPED, Sharon Jones, inventor of Cool Cot House, and Julian Smith, scourge of stink bugs and inventor of "The Best Stink Bug Trap Ever."

April 2012

Two Dare to Invent webisodes premiere on YoutubeTwo more innovative "Dare to Invent" webisodes premiere on YouTube and at This month, we're getting sporty and things are getting mighty tasty! We feature John, inventor of the BikeBoard, and Jean, inventor of the Meatball Baker!

Theraped inventor gets first royalty checkWe present our TheraPED inventor, Lennell, with her very first royalty check at a surprise party for her family and friends in her hometown, St. Louis! Mr. Davison and our production crew get some great photos and video footage under the city's famous Arch for an upcoming "Dare to Invent" episode!

March 2012

Time Warner LogoOur Licensing Team has been hard at work on the road at several industry trade shows. First, they meet with retailers at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, then head to Chicago for the International Home and Housewares Show. After that, our VP of Business Development and Licensing meets with the Mrs. Fields, Walmart and Warner Brothers companies!

Theraped receives rave reviewsThe TheraPED, a spa-therapy product that we designed for our client, Lennell, continues to receive rave reviews from Zumba and yoga instructors across the nation. This month, we also make a surprise visit to deliver some "royal" news to Lennell.

Dare to Invent webisode series continues to wowOur "Dare to Invent" YouTube and webisode series continues! This month, we feature Joseph, inventor of the Silicone Dessert Bar Pan, and Ed, inventor of the Better Tether!

Davison designed product 6 in 1 Multi-tool hits the storesAnother Davison-designed product has made its way to store shelves! First, our client, Cathalene's, 6-in-1 Manicure Multitool was licensed by Health Enterprises and now it is at one of the nation's major retail pharmacies. (The client has not realized a net profit on this product.)

Hugs pet products enters Walmart competitionWalmart is running an "Idol-style" competition online called "Get on the Shelf" and Hugs Pet Products, a company that has licensed many of our designs, has entered several of Davison-designed pet products in the contest!

February 2012

Inventionland featured on German TV show, 'Galileo!'Our creative design facility, Inventionland, makes international headlines when it is featured on the popular German TV show, "Galileo!" In the segment, the host tours through "America's Largest Invention Factory," having a blast with our vibrant cast of creationeers, designers and builders!

Davison launches Dare to Invent Webisode SeriesWe launch our innovative "Dare to Invent" webisode series! The 12-episode series showcases our clients and their inventions, from product inception to licensing... and beyond! This month, Joy, inventor of the Party on the Go, and Kay, inventor of Pugz Shoes, are showcased during the webisodes, which appear on YouTube and at!

Davison designed Pugz Shoes featured on CNBC onlineJust as we launch our client, Kay's, "Dare to Invent" webisode, her Pugz Shoes are featured at CNBC online! The article, "Cutting-Edge Products for Your Pet," states that "people are very, very into seeing their dogs in Pugz."

Davison designed Pet products launch overseasWe hear from two international retailers that some of our innovative pet products are to launch overseas! According to representatives from Hugs Pet Products, who licensed the Hydro Family, a company in the United Kingdom and Walmart Canada place orders for thousands of Hydro Family products!

January 2012

Inventionland Show featured on Wallstreet JournalAfter the History Channel's December 2011 "Inventionland" reality TV show special, which was promoted high above the strip in Las Vegas and in NYC's Times Square, our creative workspace also appears in the Wall Street Journal! The article, called "Workplace Wonderland" showcases several awesome photographs of Inventionland and is reposted by the United Inventors Association of America and Yahoo! Finance.

Meatball Baker now selling in Avon!Davison's Meatball Baker, a client product that was licensed by Xtraordinary Home Products, is selling in Avon magazine! Just after the magazine comes out, the Meatball Baker is featured on Good Morning America's "Secret Steals and Deals" website. "The press can talk about my pan all they want," said the Meatball Baker's inventor, our client, Jean.

Pittsburgh named as one of the 'in' things in 2012 by Washington PostPittsburgh, Pennsylvania, home to both our corporate headquarters and our creative design facility, is named on The Washington Post's list of "In" things for 2012! Referencing The Washington Post article, another article "Pittsburgh PA.: Entertainment Capital of the World?" gives a glimpse of what makes the city so special, including the History Channel's "Inventionland" special!

Ridiculously Efficient blog features InventionlandThe Ridiculously Efficient blog features our creative design facility and compliments the nature of how we do business. "With its high-volume output and whimsical atmosphere, Davison['s] Inventionland has clearly found an ideal (and profitable) blend of work and play," the article states.

Dick Clark mentions inventionlandThe celebrity icon known for hosting a "rockin" New Year's Eve reviews the History Channel's "Inventionland" reality TV special. "I found it fun to watch and most interesting and, undoubtedly, will be a successful History Channel venture," says Dick Clark.

December 2011

Another Davison product sells at Bed Bath and BeyondDavison-designed Pugz Shoes for Dogs, a client invention that was licensed by Hugs Pet Products, are making quite the impression on the market! Selling nationwide at Bed Bath & Beyond and, the faux fur and faux leather shoes are featured in both retailers' advertised holiday deals - not to mention various YouTube videos, which show adorable pets trying out their shoes for the first time!

Davison featured on allbusiness.comDavison is recognized in an article for past participation in a local radio fundraising event to benefit the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation. This year, Davison makes another significant contribution to the Toys for Tots Foundation, helping a local chapter surpass previous years' donations.

Davison mentioned on Mishil Patel's blogDavison's creative design facility, Inventionland, is featured online as part of website design expert, Mishil Patel's, international blog. In the post, Patel remarks on how Inventionland is "one of the most intuitive work environments ever."

Inventionland new show on the history channelMr. Davison and creationeers from Davison's creative design facility, Inventionland, are featured in the History Channel's "Inventionland." The reality TV special, set in the Pittsburgh design facility, follows three hopeful Davison clients as they pursue their invention ideas.

November 2011

Davison at SuperZoo 2011Davison-designed products are now available on even more store shelves across the world! Chicago Metallic's Cupcake Surprise Pan that our team designed is seen on the shelves, in the catalog and on the website of Sur La Table!

XHP licenses another productThe Silicone Cookie Bowls, which you can fill with fruit, pudding, ice cream and more, that we designed for Xtraordinary Home Products are now available in pumpkin and heart shapes! Similar to the Silicone Dessert Bar Pan we designed for our client Joseph, these bowls are really taking off!

Amazon sells Davison productsIn time for the Thanksgiving holiday, the Turkey Cakelette Pan with Stencil, a spin-off of the Silicone Dessert Bar Pan that we designed for our client, Joseph, is now available at, Sur La Table and Chicago Metallic online. The pan provides a fun, new way to personalize holiday treats for family and friends.

October 2011

Perfect Pizza Pan tested at Ingredient MagazineOur Original Perfect Pizza Pan is tested and rated by an Ingredient Magazine reader. The magazine features the pan with the results: "it's fun for the whole family!" The pan, which allows users to customize every slice, was invented by a former client, who is now our company President!

Inventor of Pugz visits InventionlandWe welcome Kay, inventor of Pugz Shoes for Dogs, to Inventionland, our creative design facility. Her visit marks the same month that Pugz Tennis Shoes hit the market. Currently, Pugz are available at, Bed Bath and Beyond and

September 2011

Davison product included in gift bags given to performers at the 45th Annual Country Music Association AwardsAfter being featured on numerous blogs, like Dashing for Deals and The Jolly Blogger and in TOMI magazine, the Davison-designed, client-inspired TheraPED that was licensed by Health Enterprises is to be included in gift bags given to performers at the 45th Annual Country Music Association Awards! (the client has not made a profit on the product)

Davison goes to the 'The Pet Industry's Hot Spot,' SuperZoo in Las Vegas!Our licensing team hits the road for the first trade show of the fall season – at "The Pet Industry's Hot Spot," SuperZoo in Las Vegas! With Hugs Pet Products, many Davison designs are showcased to nationwide retailers like PETCO, Bed Bath & Beyond and others!

August 2011

Davison featured on CBSInventionland, Mr. Davison and our client, Jean, who invented the Meatball Baker, are featured on CBS' "The Early Show!" Once the segment airs, it appears on many online sites, like CNET, Yahoo! News, Twitter, YouTube,, various CBS affiliates and blogs!

Davison reaches 1000 storesDavison-designed products and packaging solutions have now sold in over 1,000 stores! Helping us reach this milestone, big-name stores, including Ross and Shop NBC, add the Davison "D" to their shelves. Internally, we mark the milestone with an employee celebration at Inventionland!

Inventionland featured in the National ExaminerOur creative design facility, Inventionland, is featured in the National Examiner. The nationwide tabloid features the creative workspace in a two-page layout, saying it "keeps inventors on track," is "one hull of a place to work" and "is the icing on the top of a really sweet job!"

Davison designed product featured in Pet News InternationalTwo products we created for clients that were licensed by Hugs Pet Products win Retailers' Top Pick Awards! The Silicone Dog Treat Pan is a top vote-getter and the Better Tether is the third-highest vote-getter in the competition sponsored by Pet Product News International!

CVS picks up Davison productCVS picks up the 6-in-1 Manicure Multitool, a product we created for our client Cathalene and that was licensed by Health Enterprises! Look for the product under the "Portables, by Essence of Beauty" brand name on CVS store shelves! This client product has not realized a net profit. A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

Davison attends ASDLVOur Licensing Department attends the ASD Las Vegas Trade Show, making inroads with major retailers! We talk with Metro Design and several other companies at the wholesale buying event.

July 2011

The Executive Director of the Grable Foundation visits InventionlandThe Executive Director of the Grable Foundation visits Inventionland and commends us for "igniting the spark of creativity" that is so important to the mission of Kidsburgh, a collaborative effort to make Pittsburgh the best place for kids on the planet! picks up the Helping Hand Car Cleaning Kit with Bucket picks up the Helping Hand Car Cleaning Kit with Bucket Bench that we designed for Faucet Queen. The all-in-one kit includes and keeps handy the necessary car washing tools and provides a place for users to sit while cleaning and detailing a vehicle.

Inventionland is featured on NBC's 'Daily Connection'Inventionland is featured on NBC's "Daily Connection." Thanks to the news program, "the world's most creative workplace" is in the homes of families in many major TV markets, including New York City.

Polish magazine 'Focus-Coaching' recognizes InventionlandOur "world's most creative workplace" goes international again! Polish magazine "Focus-Coaching" recognizes Inventionland and Mr. Davison in their "Boss in a Tree" article.

June 2011

Davison President attends NACDSDavison's President and the VP of Licensing attend the National Association of Chain Drug Stores Marketplace in Boston, where seven new products that we designed for Health Enterprises are featured for more than 230 retail company representatives to see.

The Freshtainer coming to ROSS storesThe Freshtainer, a Davison-designed product for XHP, is on the market and appearing in 988 Ross Dress for Less® locations nationwide. By enabling airflow into the container, the Freshtainer helps keep produce fresh for much longer than standard containers.

FIDO Friendly magazine approves of the Auto Dish!FIDO Friendly magazine tests and unanimously approves another Davison-designed product! The Auto Dish, a durable pet bowl with an adjustable, automatic lid, is featured on the magazine's blog, where one reviewer raved "You won't have to worry about [food] going bad, getting spoiled or getting any nasty germs in it."

Mr. Davison attends William Penn Elementary School's Invention ConventionMr. Davison attends William Penn Elementary School's Invention Convention and meets with some enterprising young inventors who designed innovative, new products to enhance everyday life. The convention, which was featured on a local media blog, was sparked by an earlier visit the students had made to America's Largest Invention Factory, Davison's Inventionland.

Inventionland tour featured in local newspaperA recent Inventionland visit by a group of North Allegheny High School students hits the press! The North Journal, a Trib Total Media newspaper, posts several photos from the visit in their daily publication, plus an entire slideshow of images online!

May 2011

National Hardware Show logoDavison's President and the VP of Licensing make the most of the opportunity to network with corporations as they unveil exciting new products at the 2011 National Hardware Show in Las Vegas. Drillcraft Tools Corporation receives good feedback on new tools that we developed and licensed to the company. More details are to be unveiled in the coming months.

The Kiski School logoMr. Davison returns to his high school alma mater, The Kiski School, a private 9-12 school. It is the oldest remaining non-military, all-male boarding school in the United States, and 100% of graduates go on to a 4-year college or university. Mr. Davison is invited to speak to the senior class to give them some guidance on deciding on a career path. All the students are impressed by what their predecessor has done with his entrepreneurial skills.

The Dog WashWe never get tired of seeing it – the Dog Wash is featured in the latest In the Company of Dogs catalog. The summer preview issue shows the Dog Wash as modeled by a very content Labrador Retriever, and the caption, "Bath time made easy," says it all!

Time Warner LogoMore Davison-designed products have hit the big screen! Several innovative Hugs Pet Products are featured on Welcome Home, the Time Warner Home Network's #1 show for home and family! Already hugely successful at the 2011 Global Pet Expo in Orlando this March, Hugs President, Katie, shows off the Dog Wash, Better Tether and all three hydrating chew toys in the Hydros line – the Hydro Bone, Hydro Ball and Hydro Saucer!

April 2011

Fill N' Grill debuts on QVCThe Fill N' Grill stuffed burger maker, which we created for Xtraordinary Home Products, makes its debut on QVC and is a huge success! Fitness guru Chris Freytag presents the product on "In the Kitchen with David," and all units ordered are sold in just three minutes! In addition, more than 2,000 sign up on a waiting list for the innovative product.

Inventionland wins Data Crib AwardInventionland, Davison's creative design facility, wins the inaugural CRIB (Creative Rooms In Business) Award at the Pittsburgh Technology Council's third annual DATA Awards held to recognize the region's best and brightest in creativity, innovation and technology. The prestigious award "celebrates creative work environments incorporating non-traditional design, unique methods of company community, artwork or space that encourages creativity."

Better Tether has great showing at Global Pet ExpoThe Better Tether, which started out as just an idea in the mind of our client, Ed, is now in production. The product offers a more humane and convenient way to tether a dog outdoors – it provides a constant source of food and water that cannot be spilled, and it never has to be moved for the lawnmower! The product had a great showing at the Global Pet Expo in March, and it will be on store shelves by June!

Air-Rack debuts at TIM-BR MartThe Air-Rack, the first product we created for New Product Kingdom, has expanded into Canada! The inflatable heavy-duty roof rack makes its debut on the shelves of TIM-BR Mart, Canada's largest dealer owned building materials buying group. Congratulations to all who worked on this innovative product!

Inventionland wins Data Crib AwardInventionland is featured on as an "unusual and creative office.", a blog that focuses on innovative ideas and tech concepts, showcases a few of the imaginative sets that make up Inventionland. Bloggers around the "entire world" are taking notice, and design enthusiasts are posting comments such as, "This has to be the best office in the entire world!"

March 2011

Inventionland featured in Luxury and Top Design MagazinesInventionland is featured in Luxury and Top Design magazines as one of the most creative workplaces in the world. Top Design displayed Inventionland at the very beginning of a long list that includes companies such as Twitter, Mozilla, Cartoon Network, and Google's Pittsburgh office. Luxury Magazine recognized that "the best work comes out of the spirit of play." Inventionland is also featured in the design blog "Toxel."

Bread-It Ultimate Breading StationThe Bread-It "Ultimate Breading Station" that we created for Xtraordinary Home Products, makes its debut on QVC. The innovative kitchen product, which keeps all breading ingredients (egg, flour, bread crumbs) neat and organized, is presented by Mary Louise Kier on the popular "In the Kitchen with David" show.

Davison's products have now sold in over 900 storesNumerous retail outlets have added Davison designs to their inventory, bringing the total number of stores that have sold Davison-designed products and packaging solutions to an astonishing 900! Newer and older Davison designs continue to be picked up by specialized niche market online sites, as well as established brick and mortar retailers.

HomeWorld Business features Davison ProductsHomeWorld Business magazine features a full-page article on new bakeware options, including the Surprise Filled Dessert Pan, created by our corporate team, and two client products - the Silicone Dessert Bar Pan and the Perfect Portion Petite Dessert Pan. With great products like these, it's no wonder the editors took notice!

Hydro Ball and Hydro Saucer joins hit line of pet productsThe Hydro Ball and the Hydro Saucer join the Hugs Pet Products' Hydro Bone in the marketplace. The Hydro Ball is a refreshing chew toy that keeps canines cool and content in hot weather, with a rubber sponge-like design. The Hydro Saucer is shaped like a disc/frisbee and works much like the Hydro Ball to offer fun and refreshment at the same time!

February 2011

Sweetheart and Easter Egg Silicone Dessert Pans hit the marketThe Sweetheart Silicone Dessert Pan and the Easter Egg Silicone Dessert Pan are now on the market. The Sweetheart Pan, which makes heart-shaped treats, is in the stores just in time for Valentine's Day! Both pans have joined the original Silicone Dessert Bar Pan, invented by our client, in Hobby Lobby, A.C. Moore, and Montgomery Ward.

Davison presents 'What Will You Create?' award to Gateway High SchoolDavison presents its "What Will You Create?" award to an inventive team of students from Gateway High School for its "Gator Vendomator" machine, which they entered in the Chain Reaction Contraption competition at Carnegie Science Center. The contraption made change for a dollar bill in 22 steps using a series of levers.

Davison on display at Craft & Hobby Association Convention and Trade ShowSeveral Davison-designed products are on display at the 2011 Craft & Hobby Association Winter Convention & Trade Show, the world's largest professional craft and hobby show. The products, which we created for Prym, Darice and Fons & Porter, include the Twirl-A-Ring, Travel Folding Stitcher's Tools, and many more.

The Cool Cot House featured in Real Simple MagazineThe Cool Cot House, which we developed for Hugs and our client, is featured in Real Simple, a monthly women's interest magazine. The product is in "Daily Finds" as one of 7 warm-weather pet products recommended by the magazine, which is all about "making life easier, every day.

Healthy Steps Portion Control Serving Set is now in AvonThe Healthy Steps Portion Control Serving Set that we created in collaboration with Jokari is now in Avon, the world's largest direct seller! The catalog states the utensils, which hold one serving each of vegetables, starches and protein, will help women "kick start their way to healthy eating."

January 2011

Silicon Dessert Bar featured on Kitchenware TodayOur client, inventor of the Silicone Dessert Bar Pan, is featured with his product in the Cooking / Gadgets column on Kitchenware Today. The magazine reports "on the big news across the housewares and major appliance industries to let consumers know what new products are available in stores today, and what's coming tomorrow."

Hugs Hydro line featured on Good Morning AmericaThe Hydro Bone line of hydrating chew toys that we created for Hugs Pet Products is featured on Good Morning America! The line is one of two new toys chosen by Dr. Marty Becker, "America's Veterinarian," for his top picks for Best New Pet Products for 2011!

Twirl-a-Ring featured in Pat Catan'sThe Twirl-a-Ring, which we created for Darice, has hit the market and is selling in Pat Catan's, as well as several independent craft stores. The multi-gauge mandrel, which can make three sizes of jump rings, is also on its way to the Crafts & Hobby Association show.

Healthy Steps Pasta Baskets featured in Kitchen CriticThe Healthy Steps Pasta Baskets, which we conceived in collaboration with Jokari, is featured on Kitchen Critic, a British site about "anything and everything you'll want for your kitchen." The writer describes the product as "a great tool for pasta lovers" that will "ensure you know exactly what you are eating" to help with counting calories.

In the Company of Dogs features Hugs Pet products productsThe Dog Wash, Hydro Bone and Chew Core, which we created for Hugs Pet Products, are featured in the early spring 2011 issue of the upscale In the Company of Dogs. The catalog describes the Hydro Bone as "the toy that refreshes;" the Chew Core - "An 'apple' a day keeps the plaque away!" and the Dog Wash - "Bath time made easy!"

December 2010

Silicon Dessert Bar picked up by Bed Bath and BeyondThe Silicone Dessert Bar Pan, a client product, has a great showing on QVC and gets fantastic consumer reviews at major retailers, such as Bed Bath & Beyond. Versions of the bakeware for holiday-themed treats are also in the works! The pan is picked up by other major retailers and is also named Davison Product of the Year.

Davison products have sold in 800 stores!Numerous retail outlets have added Davison designs to their inventory, and by December, the total number of stores that have sold Davison-designed products and packaging solutions tops an astounding 800!!

Bread-It Ultimate Breading StationThe Bread-It Ultimate Breading Station that we created for XHP is featured in the latest edition of HomeWorld Business magazine! The innovative item, which keeps breading ingredients neat and organized, is also headed to the marketplace and for a big QVC debut!

Swingers by Swing Away line of kitchen utensils goes to marketSeveral products in the new Swingers by Swing Away line of kitchen utensils that we created for XHP are already on the store shelves at Keystone Housewares, as well as in a test at select Bed Bath & Beyond stores! The folding utensils open and close via a hidden locking mechanism, thereby taking up less storage space.

Chew Core featured in 2010 Holiday Gift Guide of PetMDThe Chew Core plaque removing toy that we created for Hugs Pet Products is featured in the 2010 Holiday Gift Guide of PetMD, the largest global source of pet health information. The product, which safely satisfies a dog's desire to chew, is one of 30 "top holiday pet toys and products" this holiday season!

November 2010

Davison's Fuel line heads to WalmartTwo new packaging products we created for Comfort Products' Fuel line are going to Walmart - the Off Road Gloves and the Handlebar Bag. They join the rest of the line for which we created all the packaging, a total of 9 products - 4 gloves in 2 sizes each, plus the new bag that lets bikers easily carry belongings on rides.

Three Davison design products receive Dog Fancy's Editor's Choice AwardThe Dog Wash and Hydro Bone that we created for Hugs Pet Products are winners of a 2010 Dog Fancy Editors' Choice Award! They are featured in "Gear of the Year," top picks of the best new dog products, as chosen by editors of the most widely read dog magazine, who stated: "Each product earned our seal of approval by offering innovative solutions to everyday problems or giving new life to an old idea."

Inventionland featured in The Sun, the biggest-selling magazine in the UKInventionland is featured in The Sun, the biggest-selling newspaper in the UK! The daily tabloid, which has an average circulation of nearly 3 million copies a day, shows several eye-catching photos and describes Davison's incredible design facility as a "Fairytale-style HQ" and a "wonderful workplace."

Oil Gripper celebrates 17 years in the marketplaceThe Oil Filter Gripper celebrates 17 years in the marketplace! First licensed in 1993 by Flo Tools International, the IDEA Award-winning Oil Filter Gripper was one of the first major successful products we designed for our clients, and it is still going strong!

Chew Core and Potty Paws enters the marketplaceThree new innovations we created for Hugs Pet Products have hit the market: the Chew Core, a plaque-removing chew toy; the Potty Paws, a pet waste disposal system; and the Air Puff Bed, an inflatable bed that offers relief for pets with arthritis. The Hugs brand, powered by the Davison "D", continues to become known for products that enhance the quality of life for pets.

October 2010

Jokari's Healthy Steps line are now on the marketAll 17 products we created for Jokari's Healthy Steps line are now on the market! The innovative kitchen utensils, which include serving, preparation and portioning tools, are designed to help control portion sizes and make preparing wholesome foods at home easier, thereby helping individuals to eat healthier and live a lifestyle of wellness.

Inventionland garners worldwide attentionInventionland garners worldwide attention on dozens of blogs that showcase awesome office spaces and tech news, including Office Snapshots and This Aint No Disco. Bloggers around the world continue to pick up the story and also translate it into other languages.

Silicon Dessert Bar featured on QVCThe Surprise Filled Dessert Pan, which we created for XHP, is launched over the airwaves on "Cooking on Q Day," QVC's biggest cooking event of the year! Several thousand units are sold in the first few minutes of the presentation during "In the Kitchen with David," which shows all the scrumptious delights that can be baked muffin / cupcake pan.

History Channel and others showcase Never NightTest infomercials of the Davison-designed Never Night, an advanced lighting system, run on several networks: History Channel, History International, Hallmark, Discovery, Military Discovery, Science and Biography. The 2-minute spot shows how the product, which we created for a client, provides instant illumination whenever the lights go out.

September 2010

Canadian Tire picks up the Fuel Helmet lineThe Fuel helmet line, for which we created innovative packaging, has raced into new territory! The helmets in Davison packaging are headed for the shelves of Canadian Tire, Canada's largest general merchandise retailer. Fuel edged out a major competitor last year to take over the business in Walmart, thanks to Davison packaging.

Mr. Davison is interviewed on Inventor's Showcase on Blog Talk RadioMr. Davison is interviewed live on Inventor's Showcase on Blog Talk Radio. He has a lively and informative discussion about inventing and bringing a new product to market with the host of Your 15 Minutes Radio and a guest host inventor. Following the show, the guest host tweets: "A wealth of great info from Mr. George Davison!"

Shoe Tubes launches into the marketplaceShoe Tubes, one of the first products we designed for Honey Can Do, launches into the marketplace in Sky Mall! The collapsible, versatile and stackable unit organizes and stores three pairs of footwear. It's a great example of adding a new twist to an old product to make it unique and attractive to buyers and consumers.

The Compact Shopping Organizer sells out on QVCThe Compact Kitchen Shopping Organizer, which we created for a client, sells out during its marketplace debut on QVC! The item keeps three lists handy at one time for multiple store lists, "to-do" lists, or for keeping track of projects. It is featured during the popular "In the Kitchen" with David segment on the popular shopping network.

Silicon Dessert Bar picked up by Bed Bath and BeyondSilicone Dessert Bar Pan, another client product, is picked up by Bed Bath & Beyond and it continues to sell very well at other retail outlets. Versions of the pan for holiday-themed treats are also in the works for next year!

Davison products sold in over 700 stores!Davison products and packaging solutions have now sold in more than 700 stores! Newer and older Davison designs continue to be picked up by specialized niche market online sites, as well as established retailers. The ever-popular Meatball Baker is picked up by another big name - the Better Homes & Gardens store!

August 2010

Michaels Craft Stores add the Party TravelerBed, Bath & Beyond, the #1 superstore domestics retailer, picks up three Davison-designed Hugs Pet Products - Pugz Shoes, Cool Cot and Auto Pet Dish - for a test in select stores. All three have been developed for our clients through Davison's collaboration with the corporation; they are the first Hugs products to hit BB&B's shelves.

Michaels Craft Stores add the Party TravelerMichaels, the largest arts and crafts retail chain in the world, adds the Party Traveler to its shelves in many of its brick-and-mortar stores. The product, which debuted as a Today's Special Value item on QVC, is the first Davison-designed product to sell in Michael's - but likely will not be the last!

Home Hardware picks up  The Air RackThe Air Rack, an inflatable vehicle roof rack that we created for New Product Kingdom, is picked up for a test in the Home Hardware chain - Canada's largest independent home improvement retailer! The heavy-duty inflatable roof rack, which provides an instant and lightweight rack to hold oversize loads, is the first we designed for the company to go to market.

Davison products have sold in 600 stores!With the addition of so many retailers in recent months, our total store count climbs to over 600 - an astounding number that can't be matched by anyone else in the industry! The new stores include major brick-and-mortar retailers, as well as online specialty stores.

Pat Catan's pick up the Twirl-a-RingThe Twirl-a-Ring, the first product we created for craft industry leader Darice, is on its way to Pat Catan's and other independent craft stores. The product, which makes multiple sizes of jump rings for jewelry, is also headed for the Crafts & Hobby Association show.

July 2010

Davison CEO featured in American ExecutiveFounder and CEO George Davison is featured in a "corporate spotlight" in the July issue of American Executive, a magazine read by business executives from the entire range of U.S. industries. The article, titled "Creative Profits," explains how the Davison Inventing Method works and why Mr. Davison is becoming known as "the Henry Ford of Inventing" for making new product development affordable for individuals, as well as corporations.

George Davison featured on the Balancing Act on Lifetime TVGeorge Davison is featured on Lifetime TV's hit morning show "The Balancing Act!" In the groundbreaking interview, viewers hear the full story of new product development from three perspectives - the developer, the inventor, and the manufacturer. Mr. Davison, our inventor client, Sharon, and Katie, president of Hugs Pet Products, explain how the Davison Inventing Method gets new product ideas to the stores.

Hugs Pet Products hits the marketThe long-awaited Hydro Bone that we created for Hugs Pet Products hits the market, landing in Doctors Foster and Smith, the largest pet supply cataloger in the nation. The innovative hydrating chew toy keeps dogs and puppies cool and content in hot weather. Dr. Fosters and Smith posts a cool video of the product on their website.

Many new products announced at the Summer Product PartyThe Summer Product Party and meeting is full of great news; in the last quarter 10 new Davison-designed products are on their way to the marketplace, and 5 new packaging solutions also have hit the market.

June 2010

Davison announces Inventionland's own iPhone appThe word is getting out about the "#1 Invention Destination in the World." The Inventionland iPhone app is now live and available to millions of iPhone users. The app describes "the world's most advanced creative facility" and enables users to go on a virtual tour with George Davison. Users also can submit an idea through the app, or view the Inventionland book, which comes alive through added vocals and sound effects.

Davison sponsors Heinz History Center's Washington and Western PennsylvaniaAs a Business & Industry Council member of the Sen. John Heinz History Center, Davison is proud to be the sponsor of "Washington and Western Pennsylvania." The groundbreaking program explores the varied lives of George Washington and includes a behind-the-scenes exhibit talk by the head curator of the museum, presentations by scholars and an actor-historian from Mt. Vernon portraying "The General."

Davison product featured in Sewing Goods and GadgetsThe innovative Travel Folding Stitcher's Tools that we created for Prym is featured on the "Sewing Goods & Gadgets" page of Sew Beautiful, the leading American magazine devoted to heirloom sewing, smocking and the fine needle arts. Titled "Stitch and Go," the write-up states the tool is great for travel and is "a clever little invention" that "puts tools right at your fingertips."

More Davison products in WalmartFour new 'wellness' products for which we created all the packaging, photography and in-use shots are now selling on The Comfort Me Spa Sets and the Relaxzen 5-Motor Massage Mat with Heat are the first in a new line of more than 20 individual wellness items that we have worked on for Comfort Products, as we help the manufacturer branch out into other areas.

May 2010

RV Leveler featured in RV Pro MagazineOur RV Leveler is in the news again! The wireless electronic leveling product, which we designed for CIPA, is featured in the May 2010 issue of RV PRO, a major trade publication for the RV industry that is targeted to 15,000 RV industry professionals. The RV Leveler, which eliminates the need for a second person to level an RV, is prominently shown in the Special Product Focus: "Jacks, Levelers and Ride Control."

Silicon Dessert Bar pan hits the marketThe Silicone Dessert Bar Pan is now on the market! The innovative flexible bakeware, which remains cool to the touch, is featured in the latest issue of the popular catalog, "Get Organized," as well as on Get QVC orders samples of the product for an airing on the nation's most popular home shopping network later in the year, and the product is also headed to the store shelves of 700 Kitchen Collections and Hobby Lobby stores!

Davison a hit at the National Hardware ShowFactory samples of household and automotive aftermarket products developed by Davison receive good feedback at the 2010 National Hardware Show. The products, licensed by Metro Design, are very well received when presented to corporate buyers. While at the show, our Licensing Team also strengthens and builds relationships with dozens of corporations and strategic partners in the manufacturing industry.

Davison launches contest to celebrate 500 store markNumerous retail outlets have added Davison designs to their inventory, bringing our total store count above an astounding 500 retailers that have sold Davison-designed products and packaging solutions! Davison's "Find the 'D' and You Could Win Money!" giveaway is launched to celebrate the milestone. To reward our fans, people who submit photos of themselves in the stores with one of our products are entered into a monthly drawing to win a $500 gift card to the store of their choice that carries Davison products and packaging!

April 2010

Global Pet ExpoOne of the most exciting new lines at The Global Pet Expo was Hugs Pet Products. The more than 30 products in the Hugs booth all carried the Davison "D" and were "very well received," said Davison's VP of Licensing. The pet industry's largest annual trade show was a wonderful venue to introduce the company's new brand, which we created to give the product a higher end look.

Davison-designed Petite PressThe Petite Press mini iron, for which Davison created innovative packaging, is featured in the June issue of American Patchwork & Quilting magazine, that hit the newsstands in April. The mini iron, which "packs a lot of heat for its size," is featured under "favorite finds" in the Better Homes and Gardens publication, which is read by more than 300,000 sewing and quilting enthusiasts.

Inventionland BookDavison founder George Davison's new coffee table book about Inventionland is for sale on Amazon! "The World's First Inventionland" showcases Davison's unique and creative environment and is designed to inspire creativity. Mr. Davison is inspired by the responses of readers: The book includes a 4 1/2-foot-long four-page centerfold that gives a panoramic view of the creative design facility.

The Meatball Baker and the Party on the Go that we created for our clients, Jean and Joy, are featured in the Mother's Day Kitchen Gift Guide on "Once a Month Mom," a popular website full of tips for busy moms. The site gave our products great reviews, and gave away the Meatball Baker in its Mother's Day Kitchen Gift Guide giveaway.

George Davison accepted a position on the I2E (Idea to Execution) board at Suffolk University, which conducts the New Product Innovation Competition at the university's Sawyer Business School. The annual competition helps innovator students convert their ideas into products. Mr. Davison previously was a judge and Keynote Speaker. Now, he will have an even greater role in "turning Innovators into Entrepreneurs."

March 2010

Davison designed the packaging for the Comfort Products' Relaxzen brandAutoZone, the nation's leading retailer of automotive replacement parts and accessories, added several packaging products that we created for Comfort Products' Relaxzen brand to its shelves. Our design with the blue color scheme and checkerboard is now the standard Relaxzen automotive brand look.

international housewares logoDavison products and packaging got great reviews at the 2010 International Housewares Show. Counting finished product samples and products that are on their way or are already on the market, there were well over 50 samples at the show carrying the Davison name, including a new line of wellness products. Six products that debuted at the show also are headed for QVC!

The Better Bobbin, a motorized sewing product we developed for a client, was featured as a "versatile bobbin winder" in a slideshow of "must-have quilting and sewing notions" on, the website of American Patchwork & Quilting magazine. The Better Homes and Gardens publication is read by more than 300,000 quilting and sewing enthusiasts.

February 2010

George Davison, founder and CEO, is featured in book Edison's PianoGeorge Davison, founder and CEO, is featured in "Edison's Concrete Piano," a new book about celebrated innovators of historic and modern times. The book features "tales of independent inventors and their struggles." A chapter devoted to Mr. Davison explores some of his successes and challenges, as well as his greatest invention - the methodology that makes inventing affordable to the everyday person.

The Davison 'D' made its mark at the Craft & Hobby Association showThe Davison "D" made its mark at the Craft & Hobby Association show, with 10 Davison products in the booths. Buyer feedback was great on products we designed for Prym that have been selling in Jo-Ann's, as well as two new ones to hit the retailer's shelves -- the Quilt 'n Go and Travel Folding Stitcher's Tool.

Davison created packaging for new Comfort Products cushion itemsTen new Comfort Products cushion items for which we created the packaging, landed in Walmart. The 10 items, which include massaging and orthopedic car seat cushions, completed the line of 11 Relaxzen seat cushions that replaced those of a competitor on the megastore's shelves.

Davison innovative product - car cleaning items created for Faucet QueenThe Helping Hands line of nine car cleaning items we created for Faucet Queen hit the marketplace. Several of the innovative products were slated for Pep Boys, and Walgreen's placed an order for the Interior Detail Tool. All the innovative tools were featured on the homepage of Faucet Queen's website.

January 2010

IDSA logoThree Davison-designed products -- Meatball Baker, Party on the Go and Perfect Slice were featured in the Winter 2009 edition of "Innovation," the quarterly design publication of the Industrial Designers Society of America. The products, two of which we developed for clients, were displayed on a full-page spread -- right up there with G.E., Bunn, Bosch, Oreck and Pyrex!

Our innovative RV Leveler was in the news again - this time as a featured new RV product in the January 2010 issue of Family Motor Coach Association magazine. With approximately 103,000 active member families, FMCA is the world's largest motorhome owners group.

Davison designed product - Pizza KeeperThe Pizza Keeper, which we designed for a client, hit the market in Fresh Finds, the source for "affordable kitchen and home solutions." The product, which stores leftover pizza compactly in the refrigerator, also got picked up by QVC for its 2010 schedule.

Davison designed the packaging for this productSix more candle products in the Bella Grace line, for which we created the packaging, went to market. The products (13 in all) are selling in outlet stores owned by Variety Wholesalers, which has more than 200 stores throughout the South.


Davison developed product idea: Meatball MakerIn March, our client's Meatball Baker sold out during its QVC debut from the International Housewares Show. The product also sold out in subsequent airings and earned a Customer Top Rating on

Davison developed product idea: Party on the GoIn June, our client's Party on the Go food travel caddy had a big marketplace debut as a "Today's Special Value" item on QVC. More than 70 news agencies picked up the story of our client and her product.

APMA approved Davison developed product Tru-Ice for its Seal of AcceptanceIn June, the American Pediatric Medical Association (APMA) approved Tru-Ice for its Seal of Acceptance. TRU-ICE, which we developed for Health Enterprises, provides complete ice massage therapy in one third the time of ice bags.

Davison has designed and developed products that have made it to over 400 storesIn July, the number of stores that have sold our products and packaging exceeded 400! We added numerous retail outlets selling Davison products and packaging and also saw more products in big name retailers, such as Kohl's, Walgreens, Sears and Target.

Davison developed ideas for Pyrm ProductsIn September, four innovative sewing products we developed for Prym went into Jo-Ann Stores nationwide -- the Better Bobbin, Petite Press, Quick Cut and Travel Folding Stitcher's Tools. Pet products we developed for clients also were picked up by SkyMall and many other retailers.

Davison developed product: RV LevelerIn October, the RV Leveler that we developed for CIPA was the featured "New Product" of the month in RV News, "the voice of the RV industry" Subsequently, the product also was featured by RV Daily Report and several other media outlets.

Davison designed the packaging for this product: Comfort Products seat cushionsIn November, the first in a line of 11 Comfort Products seat cushions for which we designed the packaging went to Walmart, which placed a large order for the Christmas season. Our design team created packaging that enables consumers to immediately understand what the product does through the use of icons combined with graphics to convey the unique features of each product.

Davison celebrated its 20th Anniversary of turning ideas in to inventionsIn 2009, Davison celebrates its 20th year in business! The anniversary marks an important milestone in the growing company's history.


Inventionland was featured among 40 Amazing-Looking Design Offices"Inventionland" was featured among "40 Amazing-Looking Design Offices" in the January/February 2008 issue of I.D. Magazine. The article stated, "It may look like a theme park, but Davison International's workspace is teeming with productivity."

Davison Produced Product Invention: Fuel HelmetIn April, Davison designed creative packaging solutions for Comfort Products' line of "Fuel" helmets. The package enables consumers to try on a helmet without taking it out of the box. The helmet line has replaced its largest competitor in WalMart.

360 Therapy Wrist Brace Won an I.D AwardIn August, Davison's 360 Wrist Therapy Brace received an honorable mention in the new products category of I.D. Magazine's 54th Annual Design Review. Judges proclaimed the product was a "great idea" and easy to put on with one hand.


I.D Magazine:  Davison developed product Jack 'N Stand received honorable mentionIn the summer of 2007, Davison's Jack 'N Stand received an honorable mention in the concept design category of I.D. Magazine's 53rd Annual Design Review. The Jack 'N Stand is an innovative automobile jack that simplifies the car-lifting process.

Cover of the Ripley's Believe it or Not where Inventionland was featured as an unbelievable office space This fall, Davison received "tree-mendous" recognition from Ripley's Believe It or Not! Inventionland, Davison's incredible creative design facility, was featured as a truly unbelievable office space in Ripley's latest book, "The Remarkable... Revealed."


Inventionland - where ideas become inventionsIn June, Davison designers won two Industrial Design Excellence Awards from BusinessWeek and the Industrial Designers Society of America. The innovative Hover Creeper garnered a silver in the design explorations category, while a client product the BikeBoard won a bronze in the consumer products category.

More than 200 Davison employees celebrated Halloween uniquely in Inventionland™. It was a party celebrating the year's successes and the upcoming opening of the world's most innovative workspace.

On Nov. 8, Inventionland premiered with a celebration of creativity. Hundreds poured in to explore the space and experience what Inventionmen experience every day.


Davison Building 585Once again we need more space to grow and expand. Davison acquires 76,000 square foot facility in 585 Alpha Drive, next door. Davison moves the Design Department into 585 Alpha.

Tree inside InventionlandConstruction begins on Davison's new design facility: Inventionland™

Davison employees are invited to spend a holiday evening in Inventionland™. It is a halfway point of construction.


Davison continues to license new productsDavison continues to license new products in record volume.


The Bikeboard - Davison designed productDavison completes design work for The BikeBoard and our client John, from California, is granted $100,000 in upfront royalties plus a percentage of net sales.

George Davison meets with President BushMr. Davison meets President George W. Bush.

Swiss Army Whistle KnifeThe Whistle Knife is granted a U.S. Patent.

Mr. Davison takes his entire company to Greenfield Village and Henry Ford Museum in Detroit, MI to experience the history of inventors like Thomas Edison, John Heinz, George Washington Carver, and many more. It was an inspirational journey.

Davison licenses the Go-Glow.


Davison Building 595February 2001 was another developing moment for our company. After several years of operating in different facilities, we united the company into one building by moving into one location at 595 Alpha Drive in one of Pittsburgh's premier research, design, and industrial parks. This 36,000 square foot facility is still home of Davison's corporate, sales, and Administrative headquarters.


Davison LogoBy 1999 , Mr. Davison succeeded in further development of his invention method as it became the world’s first affordable way to invent. The affordable method would forever change how product ideas become actual products.

Old Davison office building on Dark Hallow Road - where we used to turn invention ideas into productsDavison Design again expanded its design facility, moving from the Corlin Building to offices on Dark Hollow Road in Verona, Pa.


Davison Registered!After several years of refining the invention method, Davison Design & Development registered a trademark to describe our exclusive inventing process on May 13, 1997. The method is now referred to as The Davison® Inventing Method.


Davison turned Curtis's idea into an inventionDavison won a bronze Industrial Design Excellence Award for the design of the Oil Filter Gripper from the Industrial Design Society of America. The award was featured in the July issue of BusinessWeek and the fall issue of Innovation Magazine. Also that year, work began on the Personal Air Freshener for a Florida client, Curtis.


Corlin BuildingDavison's design division moved from the 8th Street office in Oakmont to the bottom and first floor of the Corlin Building in Indianola, Pa. This move expanded the research and design division, and also made more room for administrative and new product directors back at the 8th Street home.


1993 Photo of George Davison, Inventors of the Oil Filter Gripper, and Vice President of Design, Pete MyerIn 1993, the Oil Filter Gripper began to take shape. Our clients, Myles and Lisa, hired us to research, redesign and develop this product, which was licensed to Flo-Tools.


The Cole Yard Marker - Davison licensed productTwo major achievements in Davison's history happened this year: The Cole Yard Marker and the Goggleflauge, CEO Mr. Davison's product, were both licensed. The Goggleflauge was also on its way for manufacturing. Meanwhile, the exclusive process was taking shape.


Old Davison office building  - where we used to turn invention ideas into inventionsThe 8th Street office in Oakmont was Davison Design's first home from 1989-2001. Many good memories including making molds, working with customers and trying to develop a process that would let the company grow occurred here.

Davison designer working on client's product idea


George Davison's First InventionBefore Davison Design began, founder Mr. Davison was himself an independent inventor pursuing a dream — the Toothbrush Sanitizer. Unfortunately, that dream never saw the light of day; it was beaten to the market by a major corporation.

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