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Coach’s Whiteboard

A Better Way to Illustrate a Play

Davison Designed App Idea: Coach’s Whiteboard

Available on the App Store

The Problem:

When it comes to illustrating new plays for a basketball team, coaches are typically stuck using a dry erase board, which is not only cumbersome, but also can be confusing. It can be hard for players to determine their position on the court and coaches have to erase and redraw a new play any time they want to make a slight change.

Davison's Better Way:

A client came to Davison with an idea for an iPad application that would better illustrate basketball plays for coaches. We designed the Coach’s Whiteboard, an iPad app that includes a basketball court background that allows players to easily determine their position on the court. The Coach’s Whiteboard app also stores previously-drawn plays and allows coaches to easily make needed changes to existing plays. Available for Apple’s iPad, the Coach’s Whiteboard app eliminates the need for cumbersome dry erase boards.

Featured in the following stores:

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The Davison team was hired to create this app. We were not hired to market, promote or attempt to generate profit for the client. The client has not profited from this product.