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Family Album Vault

A Better Way to Share Photos with Loved Ones

Davison Designed App Idea: Family Album Vault

Available on the App Store

The Problem:

Do you ever find yourself having to send multiple photos to your friends and family? This takes time and often times when choosing multiple photos to send can slow down your phone. In some cases, you may even forget to send those photos which results in other family members missing out on important moments. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could save photos to an album that your entire family could view?

Davison's Better Way:

Family Album Vault was created as a better way for people to share photos with their family and friends. The app acts as a common photo app that anyone you want to share your photos with can have access to. No more having to worry about forgetting to send photos, or having to send the same photo to multiple people. Simply share you Family Album Vault access info with your friends and family and they will have access any and all photos you choose to upload to the app!

The Davison team was hired to create this app. We were not hired to market, promote or attempt to generate profit for the client. The client has not profited from this product.