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1. Product Invention: TheraPED


We developed the TheraPED for a client as a better way to ease foot pain. Wearing the TheraPED provides instant hot or cold therapy to sore toes and feet with comfort gel pads surrounded by a soft neoprene wrap that attaches with ease. One size fits all.

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2. Video: Dare to Invent – TheraPED

Dare to Invent – TheraPED

3. Video: TheraPED featured on Balancing Act

TheraPED featured on Balancing Act

4. Video: TheraPED Inventor Seeing Product for First Time

TheraPED Inventor Seeing Product for First Time

5. Page: Brendan Leonard’s Story

Brendan Leonard’s Story

“We marry the best of both organizations with [Davison’s] design and innovation with our understanding of the market.” Mr. Davison with Brendan Leonard, President of Health Enterprises Health Enterprises is a manufacturer and distributor of consumer healthcare products and pharmacy supplies. Over the years, we have been developing new inventions for them, as well as, …

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6. Page: Lennell's TheraPED

Case Study – Lennell

“This was the biggest surprise of my life, and we are so happy! It’s amazing because dreams do come true.” This invention was created using: The Davison® 9-Step Inventing Method Davison’s 9 Step Method offers our clients an informative experience that utilizes our technology and leverages our dedicated team of directors, designers, builders, and licensing …

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7. Page: Client Case Studies

Case Studies

Gary and Ruth Twister Caps® Ziggy Can Pump and Pour Angelica Quick Cut Eddie Coaches Whiteboard App George Laserbot Jean Meatball Baker Robert Hot Cold Therapy Brace Joy Party On The Go Curtis Personals Air Freshener John Bikeboard Lennell TheraPED Alexander Whistle Knife™ Diana Chilly Mat George Bagstor Kirt Hover Creeper™ John Bikeboard Joy Party …

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8. Page: TheraPED Transcript

TheraPED Transcript

TheraPED Transcript (Narrator: George M. Davison (aka Mr. D), CEO and Founder of Davison)Meet Lennell Parks. She’s from Missouri. She’s a woman who loves her independence and her freedoms. But, then, in 2005, a dark cloud changed all of that. Pain became her constant companion. (Inventor: Lennell)The symptoms that I have from MS (Multiple Sclerosis) …

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9. Page: Inventor – Lennell

Inventor – Lennell

Lennell Dared to Invent Our client, Inventor of the TheraPED Whether you’ve run a half marathon, you’re wearing that latest fashionable pair of high heels or your feet are cramped inside of some other uncomfortable pair of shoes, it can be hard to find adequate relief after a long day. Our client, Lennell Parks, was …

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10. Page: Webisode: TheraPED

Webisode: TheraPED

Lennell Dared to Invent Watch as Davison’s Better Way to Invent turns Lennell’s TheraPED idea into a store-ready reality! Missouri native Lennell Parks was an everyday inventor, who had a problem with “hot feet” caused by multiple sclerosis. She contacted Davison with an idea to soothe sore feet and toes. Her innovative product was designed …

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