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Jaws Pretzel

A Better Way to Snack and Play

Davison Produced Product Invention: Jaws Pretzel

Mr. Davison (aka Mr. D) with the Jaws Product line on the store shelf:

Mr. Davison (aka Mr. D) with the Jaws Product line on the store shelf

The Problem:

Dogs love to play… fetch, tug of war or any other game with their owners. They love playing so much that it can be hard to keep playtime stimulating with traditional bones and toys.

Davison's Better Way:

We created this 2-in-1 chew toy that makes any game of fetch or tug of war more of a challenge and rewards pets with replaceable treats, too! Soft rubber tines massage a pet’s gums and help remove plaque from teeth, while the treats keep them satisfied for hours.

Featured in the following stores:

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  • Petco
  • Sears

This is a corporate invention and the same 9-step Davison Inventing Method is used to develop each idea, for idea people who work with us on their ideas or corporations that ask us to invent for them.