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Lighted Euro (Red) Sport Mirror

A Better Way to Showcase Product Features

Davison Produced Product Invention: Lighted Euro (Red) Sport Mirror

Mr. Davison (aka Mr. D) with the product on the store shelf:

George Davison with Davison produced product idea: Lighted Euro Sport Mirror

The Problem:

Car enthusiasts often enjoy replacing current factory car parts with updated modern accessories. An after-market automotive accessory manufacturer designed the Lighted Euro Sport Mirror to meet this need. Trying to communicate the many benefits of the product in the packaging was the task the manufacturer posed to Davison.

Davison's Better Way:

Davison created a new packaging theme that focused on vibrant glossy colors and crisp, high-resolution imaging. The result is a package that shows the product in use and how it looks with different colored bulbs, which are included. Now a consumer can easily understand the product and envision how it will look on their vehicles.

Featured in the following stores:

  • Kmart
  • Truck Customizers
  • Auto Barn
  • California Car Cover Co.
  • Pickup Daddy

This package design was invented and licensed by Davison for its own benefit.