Our Factory Shops

The Invention Factory is where ideas come to life. Our team of creators are working tirelessly to turn our clients’ ideas into reality. It’s hard work, and it takes a lot of planning, expertise, and dedication to troubleshoot unconventional problems and create exciting new products for the marketplace. For 30 years, Davison has been a trusted resource for idea people, inventors, and corporations looking for innovative solutions.

Wood Shop

Wood Shop

Wood has varying applications, so our wood shop stays very busy transforming new ideas into reality.

Did You Know: Nail polish, toothpaste, and ping pong balls were made from wood components! Even certain medications use wood components to help medicine absorb into the body more effectively.

The art of woodworking started with the Egyptians and has continued to evolve over time.Thanks to modern advancements in woodworking technology and machinery, our team of experts can create simple or intricate designs which can be used to build and develop working models for prototyping and testing.

Model Shop

Our Model Shop is where invention ideas come to life! After research is completed, and designs are approved, prototypes are assembled in the Model Shop. A highly skilled team of makers, builders, and creative thinkers are hard at work inventioneering various ideas and concepts.

Through the assembly line, the details of each project are carefully evaluated and joined with other elements, establishing the form and function of the product idea. 

The excitement that comes from seeing an inventor’s idea transition from concept to prototype, is a proud and magical moment for everyone involved.    

When the time comes to finally test the prototypes, our builders (and sometimes our clients) enjoy every moment. At times, prototype testing will need to be completed in various locations. This is why it’s not shocking to see someone testing products in the halls or parking lot of our invention factory. With a process as unique as our invention factory, we are able to produce multiple products each day!

Paint Shop

Paint Shop

Part of the finishing touches and personality of each project are brought to life through our paint shop. Dedicated color technicians create stunning visual representations as they paint large and small scale projects that create a colorful story which resonates with client’s, corporations, and consumers.


Mold Shop

Creating molds of products provides corporations with critical information on how the manufacturing process works within their business model and production plants. Sometimes a design looks great on paper, but when a mold is created, it shows any issue that may arise during the manufacturing process and if specialty methods need to be deployed.

Corporate Clients like Jokari, Danco and Chicago Metallic have used our Mold Shop to help with products before sending them to be produced.

Metal Shop

Metal Shop

Metalsmithing is a lost art, but not here at Davison’s Invention Factory. Our team understands the demands of the marketplace for quality and consistency, and we exercise our expertise and experience to create critical components for prototyping and testing.

With a focus on technology and innovation, we use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that our client’s products are created with the most cutting-edge functionality.

Successful inventions like the Meatball Baker and the BikeBoard were formed here.

Secret Shops (Restricted Areas)

We have a whole series of shops that we cannot disclose due to trade secrets and possible theft of intellectual property.  If you do come for a tour of our factory, the general public are not allowed in these secured areas of the factory.

It’s important for you to know, all shops within our invention factory are restricted areas to the general public. Even the Davison staff must sign a strict confidentiality agreement when they join the team. While designing this page of our website, we wanted to give you a “peek behind the curtain” while maintaining confidentiality, but in some areas of the shop, we simply could not find a way to show even a glimpse. We know the inventor/idea person reviewing this section, will not only understand this situation but can also relate to it. We not only respect our client’s confidentiality, but we also uphold it at the highest level. We hope you enjoy the sneak peek we provide!

For more information on our invention factory, schedule a tour or contact us.