Is it Presentation Ready?

It takes a lot of thought and preparation to professionally present new inventions.

Whether it’s a new product or an improvement to an existing one, the idea is something that is very clear in the mind of the person who conceived it. Many new ideas never get off the ground because, very few people, other than the one who conceived it, understand and appreciate the idea. Idea people are great at coming up with new concepts but are not always effective at explaining them.

Ask yourself these questions to determine if your idea is presentation ready:

  1. Have you put your idea down on paper or is it still in the concept stage? This could include drawing a sketch of what your idea would look like. Alternatively, this could also include writing down a detailed description of what problem your idea solves.
  2. Can you easily explain your idea? When discussing/presenting your product idea it is important to know the details. This includes having thought-out answers to such questions as: What does it do? Who would benefit from using it?
  3. Have you disclosed your idea to anyone? The confidentiality of your product idea is a major aspect of the development process. We understand that it is human nature to want to share your idea with others, but it is important to be careful when discussing your product idea.
  4. Is there any legal protection for the idea? Do you have a patent on your idea or have you filed a provisional application for a patent? Have you already licensed your idea to a corporation?
  5. Does your idea cater to the average consumer? When looking to bring a new product to the market it is important to think about who the target consumer will be. Does your product idea have a broad appeal? Or will only a certain group of individuals benefit from using your idea?
  6. Does your idea equate to a new invention or is it an improvement to an existing product? Innovation can come in many forms. When it comes to an invention, improvements to existing products can be equally innovative as ideas for completely new ideas. At Davison, we help clients who have an improvement or suggestion to enhance a current product and we also work with clients to develop their product ideas from scratch.
  7. Have you seen anything similar to your idea hit the market? Products are continually being introduced to the market. Take some time and research whether there are already new inventions like yours on store shelves.
  8. Have you made a prototype of your invention? A prototype is a tangible representation of your product idea. Even amateur prototype designs can be useful during the development of a new idea.
  9. Have you tried to get the idea on the market before contacting Davison? If you have and are still looking for some help, we are eager to hear from you. At Davison, we use our exclusive development process to take your idea for a new product and prepare it for presentation to corporations for possible licensing.