Product Improvement Idea

Can I Submit an Improved Product Idea?

Yes. It is not always necessary to start from scratch. Sometimes you can start with an existing product and turn it into something better.

The cell phone is definitely an improved product idea from where we used to be.A product that exists in the marketplace can be improved with an added feature or a change in style, color or shape. Many of the products that are sold in retail stores were created through a series of changes and improvements to original product models. The improvement could make the product more aesthetically pleasing, more versatile or more efficient. As a result, the product could appeal to a larger market of consumers.

Improvements and modifications can even take a product to a different level. This is certainly the case with the telephone, which has evolved from a stationary, big black box with a rotary dial, to a wireless, pocket-sized, multi-functional communication device.

At Davison, we use our exclusive development process to take your improved product idea and prepare it for presentation to corporations in an attempt to obtain a product license. We will prepare and present it like it’s one of our own.

While we can’t guarantee that the product you improve will ever have a place in the market, it is safe to suggest that if you never pursue it, you may never find out. If you’d like to learn more about turning in a new or improved product idea, we recommend that you complete the free information form and Davison will send you information about how we can assist you.

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