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1. Product Invention: Half N Half Cupcake Pan – Mrs. Fields

Half N Half Cupcake Pan – Mrs. Fields

We designed the versatile, non-stick Mrs. Fields Half & Half Cupcake Pan as a better way to create cupcakes with endless flavor combinations. An easy-to-use plastic divider cuts cupcake cavities in two, so any baker can combine their favorite flavors.

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2. Video: Half N Half Cupcake Pan Featured on QVC

Half N Half Cupcake Pan Featured on QVC

3. Video: Dare to Invent Half N Half Cupcake Pan

Dare to Invent Half N Half Cupcake Pan

4. Video: Half and Half Cupcake Pan Demo Video

Half and Half Cupcake Pan Demo Video

5. Page: Samples of Client Inventions

Samples of Client Inventions

Consumer Products View more products Industrial Products View more products Mobile Apps View more apps We apply Davison Inventing Method’s technology to our client’s ideas and bring them to life through various industries which include: consumer, apps, industrial, medical, digital, and more! Some ideas are simple by design, and others are technologically advanced. Regardless of …

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6. Page: Inventor – Pete

Inventor – Pete

Pete Dared to Invent Our Creationeer, Inventor of the Surprise Pan Everybody loves a delicious dessert. The only thing better than baking your favorite treat is having the ability to customize it, changing its taste and texture into a different delicacy with every batch. That’s why Pete Meier and Davison created the Surprise Pan. Pete …

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7. Page: Inventor – Melanie

Inventor – Melanie

Melanie Dared to Invent Our Client, Inventor of the Half N Half Cupcake Pan While our client, Melanie, courageously battled cancer, she also took on smaller challenges in the kitchen. One day, when baking brownies, Melanie realized there had to be a Better Way to quickly and easily cut the brownies in the pan to …

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8. Page: Webisode: Half and Half Pan

Webisode: Half and Half Pan

Melanie Dared to Invent Watch as Davison’s Better Way to Invent turns Melanie’s Half and Half Pan idea into a store-ready reality! Melanie was an “on again, off again” baker from Chicago, who only baked when the moment struck her. While baking brownies in the kitchen one day, Melanie began to cook up a product …

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9. Page: Dare to Invent® Episodes

Dare to Invent<sup>®</sup> Episodes

Dare to Invent® is a video series produced by Davison and featured on the Lifetime Channel show, “The Balancing Act.”  It is the first time that anyone has ever captured an inventor’s experience from the genesis of an idea to it being brought to market. Each segment shows what can happen when everyday people with …

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10. Blog: Inventions: Real Solutions to Real Problems

Inventions: Real Solutions to Real Problems

More often than not, invention ideas evolve and take a different shape, resulting in a solution that may be completely different than the inventor initially pictured in their mind. Change is a constant, especially in the invention world. Inventions are meant to solve a problem and sometimes those problems are ones we didn’t even realize …

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