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Toys “R” US Pets Treat Toy Dumbbell

A Better Way for Dogs to Nibble and Play

Davison Produced Product Invention: Toys “R” US Pets Treat Toy Dumbbell

The Problem:

The combination of play and treats is music to a dog’s ears. But sometimes the treats can be messy or dogs can become bored with just a snack.

Davison's Better Way:

Davison designed the Chew ‘n’ Treat Toy Dumbbell to be one part treat and one part play. The large center treat is easily refillable so the toy can be used over and over again! This wagon-wheel shaped toy is designed with play and reward in mind.

Featured in the following stores:

  • Petsmart

This is a corporate invention and the same 9-step Davison Inventing Method is used to develop each idea, for idea people who work with us on their ideas or corporations that ask us to invent for them.