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Can Pump & Pour

A Better Way to Save Your Soda

Davison Produced Product Invention: Can Pump & Pour

The inventor with the product on the store shelf:

Inventor of the product idea: Can Pump & Pour

Mr. Davison (aka Mr. D) with the product on the store shelf:

George Davison with Davison produced product idea: Can Pump & Pour

Display from Jokari’s booth at the 2011 Housewares show:

Display from Jokari's booth at the 2011 Housewares show:

The Problem:

Don’t you hate it when you take a sip of an open can of soda and it’s totally flat or, worse yet, there are insects in it? What if you cannot finish an entire can of soda, but don’t want to waste it by throwing it out?

Davison's Better Way:

Our client came to Davison with a new product idea to solve the problem of insects crawling inside open cans of soda. Through our development process, we found there is also a need to restore fizz in cans that have been left open too long. We developed the Can Pump & Pour, which snaps on top of an open soda can. The user simply pumps the device to pressurize the can and then flips it open to pour or drink fresh soda. The Can Pump & Pour is designed to fit all standard beverage cans made in the U.S. In addition, the product has a sleek, attractive profile and is extremely durable and completely sealable.

Featured in the following stores:

  • Shopping Warehouse
  • Apt14
  • Giant Eagle
  • Shop 'n Save
  • Daniel's Discount
  • MK Camping Gear
  • Mcguckin Hardware
  • Stacks and Stacks
  • Organize It
  • Kitchen Collection
  • Home Doo Dads
  • Colonial Medical
  • The Storage Store
  • Wow Cool Stuff
  • Irie Bargains
  • Get It On
  • A-Tech Easy Living Store
  • Grab Cart
  • Sim's Supply Store
  • EZ Wholesaler
  • Picnic World
  • Kitchen & Company
  • Sim Supply
  • Do It Best
  • Hectors Hardware
  • Tool District
  • Bon Cui
  • Cure Some
  • Kitchens on the Square
  • Home Fashions
  • iHome
  • Tweety's
  • RV Parts Country
  • Parts 66
  • Shop At Moxie
  • Luxury Bedding
  • The Kitchen Outlet
  • Kitchen Tools and Gadgets
  • Hanger City

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