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1. Product Invention: Toys “R” US Pets Lazer Bot

Toys “R” US Pets Lazer Bot

We designed the remote-operated Lazer Bot to allow pets to play any time of the day. The battery-operated toy lets dogs or cats chase a laser on four different settings; so, they never get tired of the same patterns. It is conveniently-designed to mount sleekly to the ceiling, where pets cannot knock it over or detect the laser’s source. Pets get to be entertained and play whether you’re home or away.

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2. Page: George's Laser Bot

Case Study – George – Laser Bot

“I invented the world’s first remote controlled laser bot. There are a lot of complex and moving parts in that thing. To make it all come together in a way that is easy for someone to play with his or her pet was no easy feat. Thanks to all on the team.” — George Davison …

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3. Page: Package Design

Package Design

Similar to the way that products are designed and engineered at Davison, product packaging is first designed, then engineered upon client approval. Using the product dimensions that are calculated in the engineering phase of the product development process, packaging and graphics artists work side-by-side to design attractive, cost-effective product packaging. Then we develop a 3D …

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4. Page: Samples of Client Inventions

Samples of Client Inventions

Consumer Products View more products Industrial Products View more products Mobile Apps View more apps We apply Davison Inventing Method’s technology to our client’s ideas and bring them to life through various industries which include: consumer, apps, industrial, medical, digital, and more! Some ideas are simple by design, and others are technologically advanced. Regardless of …

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5. Blog: The Davison-designed Lazer Bot is Now at PetSmart

The Davison-designed Lazer Bot is Now at PetSmart

Although the holiday season is over, it’s never too late to treat your pet to the gift of a brand-new toy! If you’ve walked the aisles of PetSmart, you’ve likely seen Davison-designed pet products on their store shelves. In fact, we’ve sold products like the Lazer Collar and Catnip toys there. So, it may not …

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