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1. Product Invention: Hover Creeper

Hover Creeper

Traditional automotive creepers have wheels that get stuck in floor cracks, shift wildly over bolts or other loose parts and frequently break, leaving a mechanic stuck. We eliminated the most expensive and breakage-prone parts, the wheels and casters, and replaced them with air by incorporating a compressed air bladder. Instead of trying to roll over an uneven or cracked garage floor, the new Hover Creeper literally hovers slightly above it. To use, the mechanic plugs in the creeper, lies down on the ergonomic pad and glides under the car. Once underneath, he can hit a lever, let the creeper fall to the ground and have stable leverage for more torque. Tools that use compressed air can be plugged into an outlet on the unit and it also has a built in tool caddy.

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2. Video: Hover Creeper

Hover Creeper

3. Video: Hover Creeper Award Ceremony

Hover Creeper Award Ceremony

4. Video: How’s that Invented – Hover Creeper

How’s that Invented – Hover Creeper

5. Page: Kirt's Hover Creeper

Case Study – Kirt

“There’s a lot of ‘do it yourself’ technicians out there that would love to participate in this particular product. We can get it launched to the pro market in a hurry.” This invention was created using:The Davison® 9-Step Inventing Method Davison’s 9 Step Method offers our clients an informative experience that utilizes our technology and …

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6. Page: Package Design

Package Design

Similar to the way that products are designed and engineered at Davison, product packaging is first designed, then engineered upon client approval. Using the product dimensions that are calculated in the engineering phase of the product development process, packaging and graphics artists work side-by-side to design attractive, cost-effective product packaging. Then we develop a 3D …

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7. Page: Client Case Studies

Case Studies

Gary and Ruth Twister Caps® Ziggy Can Pump and Pour Angelica Quick Cut Eddie Coaches Whiteboard App George Laserbot Jean Meatball Baker Robert Hot Cold Therapy Brace Joy Party On The Go Curtis Personals Air Freshener John Bikeboard Lennell TheraPED Alexander Whistle Knife™ Diana Chilly Mat George Bagstor Kirt Hover Creeper™ John Bikeboard Joy Party …

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8. Page: What is Licensing?

What is Licensing?

What is Licensing? Licensing is business arrangement which allows one company to manufacture an inventor’s product for a specified payment. Licensing allows an inventor to leverage existing distribution, production and marketing systems that have been developed and perfected over many years. The inventors receive a percentage of the revenue generated from the products sold under …

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9. Page: Factsheet


Overview Davison is an award-winning new-product development firm located just outside of Pittsburgh, PA, that builds ideas into inventions and working product samples, complete with graphics and packaging, and presents them to corporations for licensing consideration using our exclusive method. Davison innovates, designs and develops new products for inventors, entrepreneurs, small businesses and corporations. The …

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10. Page: Awards


From the start, Davison set out to become a notable new product development company. We strive to build the best possible products for our clients. Our goal is to push the envelope and drive our organization ahead. Take a look at our awards and recognition. I.D. Magazine Design Awards For the last 54 years, I.D. …

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