Introducing The 2-Tip™
A better way to
manage your hygiene!

Do you use cotton swabs as a quick way to remove wax from your ears? Are you tired of using this painful method to keep your ears clean? If so, you’re not alone. 

The inventor of the 2-Tip was tired of the pain cotton swabs caused. Not to mention, the harm that could be caused if ear wax is pushed further into the ear canal. After learning about possibly impacting and rupturing the eardrum and the overall discomfort that cotton swabs were causing her, this idea person thought there must be a better way! 

After coming up with the 2-Tip concept, this savvy inventor reached out to Davison. She learned about the 9-Step Inventing Method™ and decided to move forward with the Davison.

Before long the 2-Tip was being manufactured and was ready to go live on the Amazon marketplace, but this inventor did not stop there. Although the 2-Tip has not made a net profit, this inventor and the Davison team began to work on her next invention idea – the 2-Tip for pets!