The To Go™

A better way to secure extra cargo while going biking!

Davison Produced Product Invention: The To Go™

Meet Leo, Davison’s inventor of the To Go™!

The To Go carrier can be attached in 3 easy steps!

First, line it up to the desired spot on your bike seat pole.

Second, clamp it shut.

Then, twist/close the bracket and you are ready To Go™!

The Problem:

Are you tired of wearing a backpack every time you go for a bike ride? Or are you always looking for extra ways to carry items while biking? Since bicycles have no place to store items securely. Often, cyclists are forced to wear some type of waist bag or backpack, which can be uncomfortable and inconvenient. Inventor Leo is an avid biker and has experienced this issue for years. He was fed up with being fatigued from carrying heavy items in his backpack. Besides that, the arm straps were always digging into his shoulders, causing discomfort. So he started sketching out his idea to kickstart his inventor’s journey!

Davison's Better Way:

The To Go™ bike cargo carrier was invented for cyclists looking to add extra storage space onto their bikes! Easily mount the carrier onto the bike seat post by opening and clamping the attachment plate and tightening it to fit securely to your bike. The top of the rack features strong elastic cords designed to cinch tightly around any items you are trying to carry while you ride. It can safely hold up to 20 lbs of cargo during your commute! Leo and the Davison team even thought of adding reflectors all over this carrier to ensure safety and visibility when riding at night.

The To Go carrier is made of durable metals, plastics, and bungee cords so that it can weather any season. No more bulky bags weighing you down while you cycle. Upgrade your bike when you install the To Go! All of your friends will wonder where you got this wheelie great new product!

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