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Davison Produced Product Invention: Perfect Stance™

Meet Dominic, Inventor of the Perfect Stance™

The perfect coaching tool no matter the player’s age!

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The Problem:

Dominic is a 20-year seasoned baseball and softball coach. One day, after a t-ball game, Dominic noticed that one of his young beginner-level players was very upset.

After talking briefly, the player confessed to Dominic that he hated playing baseball. It didn’t take long for Dominic to realize that the young player who had just joined his team a few weeks prior was on the verge of quitting.

“Tragic,” Dominic recalled thinking as one of his youngest players sat with his head hung in shame.

“He was so young; there was so much potential and time he had to get better, but none of that matters to a young player. They just want to have fun and feel like they are good at it.”

On his drive home from the ball field that day, Dominic couldn’t shake the feeling of overwhelming disappointment in himself. After all, Dominic was the coach, so naturally, he felt utterly responsible for disappointing his team.

But what could he do? He racked his brain trying to devise a solution—anything that could help players get a little better a little faster. It wasn’t long after that Dominic came up with an invention idea that might just end up being the homerun that he was looking for!

Davison's Better Way:

With his own prototype of his invention idea in hand, Dominic decided he needed to enlist help from professionals, so he reached out to Davison for some help.

As Dominic described his invention, which he named the Perfect Stance, to the Davison team, it was clear that Dominic was passionate about coaching and inventing.

Dominic explained that he wanted to train players of all ages how to properly stand in the batter’s box to swing a bat, so muscle memory would eventually just take over. He wanted a game-changer of a product that could be used for beginner-level players of baseball, softball, and tee-ball, and that is precisely what the Davison team helped to achieve!

The Perfect Stance was designed not just to introduce young players to the game but to help them enjoy it from the very start by instilling confidence and setting them up for success.

Today, you can purchase the Perfect Stance from Walmart and Amazon.

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