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Tortilla Crisper

A Better Way to Crisp Tortillas

Davison Produced Product Invention: Tortilla Crisper

The Problem:

Normal flat taco shells don’t do a great job of keeping your taco neat. Often times your contents will spill out, creating a mess on the plate due to the shell unfolding. Folded taco shells work the best; however, you could forget to grab them when you run to the store.

Davison's Better Way:

The Tortilla Crisper is the perfect solution for making a crisp, folded taco shell when you only have flat taco shells lying around. The design of the Tortilla Crisper allows it to sit flat on a plate while the user drapes their tortilla over the mold and places it in the microwave. In just 60 seconds, the once flat tortilla takes the shape of the Tortilla Crisper, leaving you with a folded taco shell that’s ready to be stuffed!

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