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Less Mess Platter

A Better Way to Stop The Dip Drip

Davison Produced Product Invention: Less Mess Platter

The Less Mess Platter is the perfect serving tray for all parties and gatherings.

Davison produced product invention: Less mess Platter Family party

With the Less Mess Platter, dip or dunk your snacks and stay worry-free the of dip drip.

Davison New Invention: Less Mess Platter

The Problem:

Oh, the fun of parties. Your friends, family, acquaintances, and even some people you meet for the first time are all socializing, laughing, and enjoying delicious foods. As you stand next to the hors doeuvre table, chatting it up with a few of the party guests, you decide to reach across the table, grab a chip, and snag a quick sample of the homemade dip you have been eyeing. But then it happens, a bit of dip drips off your chip and onto your favorite shirt. You immediately panic; how in the world will you cover up the dip stain you now have plastered on the front of your shirt? If only there was a better way to dip your chip without the drip.

Davison's Better Way:

Thanks to Bill, the inventor of the Less Mess Platter, and the Davison team, this new product is the perfect solution to avoid a bit of dip dripping off your chip at your next party.

Davisons creative professionals worked with Bill to accomplish each step in Davisons 9-Step process, ultimately transforming Bills product idea from the idea stage to a tangible form. The team worked to design the product packaging and prepared the product to be presented for licensing consideration. In the end, the Davison team helped Bill to get the product manufactured and selling on Amazon, just in time for the holidays!

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