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A Better Way to Remove Earwax & Blackheads

Davison Produced Product Invention: 2-Tip

A better way to remove earwax!

A better way to remove blackheads!

The Problem:

Picture this: You just hopped out of your morning shower to discover a blemish on your face that was NOT there the day before. You grab some q-tips to clean your ears and continue on with your morning routine, but you feel defeated by this new blemish. If only there were a way to eliminate unwanted acne as simple as removing earwax!

Davison's Better Way:

Thanks to Alice, inventor of the 2-Tip™, and the Davison team, this is one health and beauty solution that you never knew you needed!

Davison’s creative professionals worked with Alice to accomplish each step in Davison’s 9-Step process, ultimately transforming the 2-Tip™ from an idea into a tangible form. The team worked to design the product packaging and prepared the product to be presented for licensing consideration. Ultimately, the Davison team helped Alice manufacture the 2-Tip™ product. Today you can purchase the product on Amazon!

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