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Bristle Brush

A Better Way to Make Your Wheels Shine

Davison Produced Product Invention: Bristle Brush

The Problem:

Cleaning a vehicle’s wheels can be a difficult and tiresome chore. Getting off all the dirt, grime and dust from the wheel and all the surfaces on the rim and hubcap can be exhausting. An ordinary sponge or scrub brush just doesn’t do the job.

Davison's Better Way:

Our client, Troy, came to Davison with his idea for the Helping Hand Bristle Brush to make cleaning a vehicle’s wheels easier and less time consuming. The brush, which converts via a sleeve to a compact scrubber, is ideal for removing caked-on dirt and grime; it cleans in and around all the openings on a hub cap with ease. The tool’s handle enables the user to keep their hand clean and it also can be combined with the Helping Hand Extension Pole for added reach.

Featured in the following stores:

  • Faucet Queen Bed Bath & Beyond (Currently being tested in select locations.)

This client has not realized a profit on this product. A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.