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Word of the Day

A Better Way to Increase Your Vocabulary

Davison Designed App Idea: Word of the Day

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The Problem:

Do you ever find yourself searching online for the right word or drawing a blank when you’re trying to express yourself in conversation? It could benefit us all to increase our vocabulary, but reading a dictionary or thesaurus may not be the most practical or convenient way to do that.

Davison's Better Way:

In today’s world of DIY, we thought of an app idea that would help people expand their vocabularies one day at a time. We created the Word of the Day app to introduce users to five new and advanced words each week. In addition to defining the words, the Word of the Day app provides multiple-choice quizzes for testing vocabulary and even offers lessons that teach the proper English grammar. Now, Word of the Day users can impress their friends and family with their ever-expanding vocabulary.

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The Davison team was hired to create this app. We were not hired to market, promote or attempt to generate profit for the client. The client has not profited from this product.