Ripley’s Believe It Or Not

Inventionland featured in Ripley’s “The Remarkable… Revealed”

Ripley's Believe It or NotRipley’s Believe It or Not! describes Davison’s Inventionland as a “Tree-mendous Office.” The title is fitting for the Pittsburgh-based creative design facility, which is outfitted with a pirate ship, tree house and giant robot. In the recently published book, “The Remarkable… Revealed,” the Ripley’s franchise features Inventionland among many unique places, people and events from around the world.

Occupying nearly 60,000 square feet, with grassy knolls, larger-than-life trees, an abundance of flowers, and butterflies that flap their wings, Inventionland is unlike any other workspace. New products come to life in Inventionland’s “sets.” Davison employees sketch out their latest product development ideas in sets related to their particular product class. Toy designers’ ideas set sail on the deck of the pirate ship Discovery. Pet product designers ponder inside the Pet Shack, as cookware designers whip up their ideas in the Concept Kitchen. Designers of automotive products let their minds race in the Inventionland Motor Speedway, while sporting goods designers ensnare their thoughts in the Creation Cavern.

Inventionland developed from the remarkable vision of G. Davison, the company’s founder and CEO, who believes that creative people thrive in an imaginative environment. Each set was specifically engineered to evoke childhood memories and creative thoughts.

When asked for his opinion of Inventionland, Geoff Tolsdorf of the Schroeder & Tremayne Corporation said, “Honestly, I felt a little like Alice shortly after she fell down the rabbit hole. I was positively blown away.” Tolsdorf’s reaction is like that of most visitors. Those who visit Inventionland inevitably conclude that indeed, anything is possible.

Mr. Davison is thrilled to have his creation recognized by Ripley’s. “Inventionland has been the subject of many news articles, business tours, and community events, but this mention in Ripley’s is a true honor,” says Davison. “I have always admired Ripley’s,” Davison says, “because they are a company that celebrates unique individuals and out-of-the box thinking and creativity.”

Davison is a new product development company that helps inventors, corporations and entrepreneurs. Last year, the firm received two Industrial Design Excellence Awards from the Industrial Designers Society of America and BusinessWeek magazine. Ripley’s Believe It or Not! book, “The Remarkable… Revealed,” is available for purchase in stores and online.