Davison vs. Other Invention Companies

Welcome to a world of inspiration, creation, innovation, and production. A world of possibilities that is fueled by inventors and idea people just like you!  Here at Davison, we take our clients on a journey that starts with an idea and ends with a physical product. We call this, the Inventor’s Journey!  Each stop made while on the Inventor’s Journey is in place for one reason, to reach the goal established by our client.

Getting your idea out of your head and on to paper is important, but this is just one step in the inventing process. The veteran team at Davison knows it’s nearly impossible to get a product on stores shelves if you never actually build some version of the product. So, draw your idea, but don’t stop there. Building a working model or prototype can help you understand what design changes are needed and much more.

So, the next time a company tells you, “Oh, you don’t need to build your invention idea just draw it,” consider this, “Does your idea work?