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Inventing is about more than just having an idea.. It's about taking a chance.

Davison's "Dare to Invent" Innovates Across the Nation!

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Ever since Davison's new "Dare to Invent" webisode series debuted on YouTube and at in February 2012, it has made several headlines and has impressed many readers and viewers along the way.

Opening the pages or clicking on the sites of many newspapers, websites and blogs, you can find Mr. Davison and our client, Joseph, inventor of the Silicone Dessert Bar Pan; plus, you'll find a brief article about our innovative method and some of our other featured inventors.

It's safe to say that "Dare to Invent" is everywhere! See for yourself in any of the following publications:

  • Chronicle Advertiser, Minneapolis, MN
  • Fairfax Standard Gazette, Minneapolis, MN
  • News Mirror, Minneapolis, MN
  • Hutchinson Leader, Minneapolis, MN
  • Independent Review, Litchfield, MN
  • Star Tribune, Minneapolis, MN
  • Renville County Register, Renville, MN
  • Silver Lake Leader, Silver Lake, MN
  • Navy Compass, San Diego, CA
  • Health City Sun, Alburquerque, NM
  • West Texas Hispanic, Lubbock, TX
  • Sunday Newscape, El Centro, CA
  • Picket News, Hagerstown, MD
  •, Seattle, WA
  •, Philadelphia, PA
  • Henderson Independent, Henderson, MN
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About Gary and Ruth

Something in Gary and Ruth Frazer's bathroom really stunk... the existing caps covering the bolts that secured the toilet to the floor were always either loose or broken. Not only was the problem annoying, Gary and Ruth wanted to protect family pets and toddlers from the potential dangers the loose caps could create.

The eastern Pennsylvania couple patented their idea for toilet bolt covers and brought it to Davison. Now, Gary and Ruth's Twister Caps and Twister Bolts have sold at Lowe's, Home Depot and several other major retailers.

Product: TwisterBolts