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Davison Ranked as One of Pittsburgh's Top 50 Best Places to Work
In a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette employee-submitted survey, Davison ranked as one of Pittsburgh's "Top 50 Best Places to Work." Read Post-Gazettle article and our employee's comment.

Career Options

  • Coordination Designer
  • Product Concept Designer
  • Materials Designer
  • Production Process Designer
  • Electrical Engineering Designer
  • Mechanical Engineering Designer
  • R&D Engineering Designer
  • Packaging Concept Designer
  • Package Engineering Designer
  • Package Production Designer
  • Packaging Graphic Arts Concept Designer
  • Visual Effects Designer
  • Virtual Reality Designer
  • Animation Designer
  • Production Sample Designer
  • Research Associate
  • Licensing Associate
  • Sales Associate

Preparation & Training

You should have a...
  • Rich imagination
  • Curiosity of how things work and of life in general
  • Belief that you can do anything if you put your mind to it
  • Commitment to learn

At Davison our designers work hard to turn your invention ideas into products Three Davison Designers brain storming Davison Designers working on a project

Positions require training, education, relevant on-the-job experience in one or more particular design specialties, manufacturability experience, raw material selection experience and/or previous employment as an inventor/challenge solver.

Please submit your resume in a Word document attachment to:
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